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Former Attorney General Eric Holder in Ohio to promote 2018 Democrats on Friday laid out his vision for the potential 2020 presidential bid he is considering announcing by the end of the year.

Holder, former President Obama’s longtime attorney general, touched on several liberal positions such as fighting global warming and protecting illegal immigrants but also punched at President Trump, accusing his administration of “rampant corruption.” He didn’t offer any further details.

It is important to note that the article goes on to state the following:

In Columbus to address the upcoming congressional redistricting, Holder said, “The sad truth is, the government we have today does not reflect the values of our country. Instead of working together toward common goals, they stoke fear and anger for short-term political advantage with a small faction of the voters.”

Holder is leading the National Democratic Redistricting Committee created to encourage a pro-Democrat redrawing of congressional districts. The position has given him a chance to lay out his political vision in advance of a potential 2020 run.


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