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New asylum rules approved by the GOP majority and Democrat minority House Appropriations Committee would give the right to migrate to the United States to a foreign population at least half the size of the American Midwest.

Two asylum rules pushed by Rep. David Price (D-NC) as well as Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) and approved by the GOP-majority House Appropriations Committee would allow foreign nationals seeking refuge in the U.S. to migrate based on claims that they are fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence.

The article goes on to state the following:

The asylum standards would be a direct rebuke of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ efforts to strengthen the country’s lax asylum system. He made clear in a memo that claiming to be fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence are not legitimate claims for asylum in the U.S.

The Republican establishment and Democrats’ reversal of Sessions’ memo would give the full populations of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras the right to migrate and seek asylum in the U.S., as all three Central American countries have been crippled for years by gangs.

As Breitbart News noted, this translates to about 32 million Central Americans being given the right to migrate. This would mean a foreign population about half the size of the American Midwest — where 67 million Americans live — would have the right to come to the country and permanently resettle.

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  1. This sounds like lunacy to me, hope POTUS can do something about it, it’s insane. Best case scenario, send them all the sanctuary states.

  2. This is asinine,why should America be the only country that takes in these people? We are not the only country in this world,let them go somewhere else.we have more than enough immigrant INVADERS!

  3. I think they should let the voters choose what we do about Asylum, Daca, and Illegals. Apparently the House and Senate are NOT listening to the people. We need to get our streets cleaned up. Our States cleaned up, Our Homeless problem solved . Please we can not take in any more people. Send them to the middle east where they don’t take anyone in….Maybe these illegals and etc. would stay in their own country and try to make them better if they knew that was the only place they could go !

    • I think that is an excellent idea…the voters should decide as obviously these politicians in office are too out of touch with what we the people want

  4. What the H*LL are they thinking? Do the members of this committee have their heads so far up their rearends that they don’t understand the agent of the President that the American people put in the Oval? DML!! What can we do?!

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