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The House GOP unveiled a legislative package on Thursday that would enact major reforms to the Endangered Species Act, eliminating “frivolous” lawsuits over species protections while streamlining the permit process for developers and energy companies.

The reform package, called the “Endangered Species Act Modernization Package,” included nine bills meant to reform the 1973 law to focus on “recovery” of threatened and endangered species, rather than keeping species listed indefinitely.

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Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop, R-Utah, said the Endangered Species Act, if it were a Major League Baseball player, would have a batting average below .100. “That means the Endangered Species Act is the most inept program we have in the federal government,” he explained.

“It’s a wonderful goal, but it doesn’t have an idea of what its goals actually are, or when its going to be met, or when it can actually be successful, which is why the Endangered Species Act has to be reformed if its going to do anything for the species,” Bishop said at a press conference to unveil the plan.

He emphasized that “rehabilitating” species, not keeping protections indefinitely, or even making the species worse off, should be the goal of the program, which has the poorest record in Washington.

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