One common theme among the reasons illegal aliens give for coming to the United States is their claim that they are coming for jobs, so they can send money back to their families in their home countries. Believing there are a multitude of jobs available is the magnet that pulls them northward.

“Pueblos sin Frontera,” the group who organized the massive caravan of an estimated 1,100 to 1,500 Central Americans who started out on their trip to the U.S. border last month, issued a list of demands, including “our right to dignified work to be able to support our families.”

In their coverage of the caravan’s journey, CNN has repeatedly referred to the migrants as people who “President Trump calls dangerous” and has declared that they are just women, children, families… and workers.

In a CNN news broadcast, they tell the story of Lillan, a woman fleeing from El Salvador because of the gang violence and lack of work. She left her two children behind, planning to get a job in the U.S. so she can send money back to her children, “to help them escape poverty and violence.”

In February, CNN broadcast a report, in which reporter Leyla Santiago interviewed Central Americans who declared their intent to head to the United States – for jobs. Several of those interviewed had been deported from the U.S., but stated they were going back. She also interviewed coyotes who help smuggle the illegal aliens across the border.

One coyote said he has brought 3,000 to 4,000 people across the border, charges about $6,000 per person, and works with a network of smugglers. He said immigration is unstoppable, and “it doesn’t matter what President Trump says.”

“They once feared President Trump’s tough talk on immigration, but not anymore,” CNN stated. (IMPORTANT: WATCH VIDEO BELOW.)

While filming “They Come to America I” in 2011, a grieving mother told Dennis Michael Lynch about her daughter, Vinessa, who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien who was her co-worker. Her mother told DML, “I’m angry at her boss for hiring people like this. No background checks, nothing.”

Last week, Luis Velasquez-Ortiz, an illegal alien in Omaha, ran a stop sign and crashed into a motorcyclist, killing him, then ran over the man again as he fled the scene. Velasquez-Ortiz, from Guatemala, had been in the US illegally for 15 years. His employer at Nebraska Beef claimed he wasn’t aware the man was an illegal alien.

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