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A new analysis of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services statistics has uncovered some inconvenient facts for those supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants: thousands have lost amnesty because of criminal activity. However, many are still roaming the streets of America.

As of November 22, 2017, 2,127 individuals had their amnesty status terminated for criminal and/or gang activity. That includes 562 recipients of Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) amnesty program, who were deported.

The thousands of criminal amnesty recipients may be a small portion of the nearly 700,000 DACA population, but the report hardly lends to amnesty supporters’ claims that DACA recipients are overachievers, as pointed out by the Washington Examiner. 

Yet, the report also notes that 535 criminal DACA recipients were caught and released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The report’s author and CIS Policy Studies Director Jessica M. Vaughan revealed:

  • Removed from the United States: 562
  • In ICE Custody: 90
  • Released from ICE Custody: 535
  • No Record of Removal, Detention or Release by ICE: 940
  • Total: 2,127

“While it is reassuring that USCIS is revoking DACA benefits for criminal gang members it identifies, it is concerning that almost as many criminal alien DACA beneficiaries have been released as have been removed to their home country,” Vaughan said.

The Examiner reports: “USCIS also provided a list of more than 45 gang affiliations of the ex-DACA criminals. It includes some of the most violent and dangerous gangs in the United States, such as MS-13, 18th Street, the Latin Kings, and the Trinitarios. It includes some lesser-known gangs as well, with names like Last Generation Korean Killers and Maniac Latin Disciples.”

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