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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The Mexican man charged with abducting and killing an Iowa college student was known for years on the dairy farm where he worked by another name: John Budd.

The alias has emerged as Cristhian Bahena Rivera’s employer, a cattle operation owned by a prominent Republican family, faces questions over whether its managers were aware of any warning signs that he was in the country illegally.

The article goes on to state the following:

The name under which Rivera was hired and paid for the last four years was confirmed by three people with knowledge of his employment history. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information during an ongoing criminal investigation. One of the people said Rivera’s work identity as John Budd appears in official government records.

The employer, Yarrabee Farms, declined to confirm or deny Rivera’s work identity. Lori Chesser, an immigration employment lawyer advising the farm, said that companies cannot discriminate against workers based on how they look or how their names sound.

Farm officials have said Rivera presented an out-of-state photo identification and a Social Security number when he was hired in 2014, and they believed he was the person depicted in those documents until his arrest last month.

The farm followed legal requirements to examine the documents and determined “that they appeared genuine on their face and related to the person presenting them,” Chesser said. “Questioning a name or other characteristic would violate the anti-discrimination provisions of the law.”

During his four years at the farm near the small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, Rivera “was called and responded to the name he used in the hiring process,” Chesser said. He lived in a trailer owned by the farm as a benefit of his employment, as do about half of its 10 workers.

The farm did not use the government’s voluntary E-Verify system, which allows companies to confirm the identity and eligibility of employees to work in the U.S. Farm manager Dane Lang has apologized for a mistake in falsely claiming to have used E-Verify in an initial statement on Rivera’s Aug. 21 arrest, hours after he allegedly led police to Mollie Tibbetts’ body in a nearby cornfield.

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    • Absolutely make it mandatory for all prospective employees and all current employees.
      Deport Illegal’s

      I agree with President Trump to deport all illegal’s. I realize that in this country we will not go house to house to say “PAPERS PLEASE”. However there are some logical things that can be done.
      1. Mandatory Federal Government E-Verify required for all prospective employees “and” all current employees
      because there are illegal’s currently employed, possibly for years and many of them may be very good people / employees but illegal is illegal. This may help get them to self-deport. We have American citizens who will need these jobs once they are kicked off of welfare. Heavily fine employers who do not cooperate.
      2. If a person is stopped for a crime no matter how insignificant, verify that person. If they are illegal deport them. No trial and no court appointed attorney, this just costs more money they are not a citizen. Liquidate their material assets and turn the money to the Border Patrol. However if they decide to immediately self deport they may liquidate their possessions and take the money with them.
      This would encourage them to decide to self deport.
      3. Stop “ALL” immigration for the time being both legal and illegal and stop all immigration from Muslim countries.
      We do not need more people in this country. More people requires more resources.
      4. STOP birth right citizenship immediately.
      5. Adopt the immigration laws we had and used 60 years ago, they were good for the country and American citizens.
      6. Legal immigration for good people who want to become good American citizens is the goal.
      Stop importing poverty which will just make this more of a 3rd world nation.
      7. Stop all states from issuing drivers licenses to illegals.
      8. Death penalty for any illegal that kills an American citizen no matter how important or influential that illegal person is.
      9. No Muslims allowed
      10. No Muslims allowed
      11. No Muslims allowed — at all

      • Great, I agree 100%…..unfortunately I seriously doubt it will happen unless some liberal politicians lose a child the way Kate and Mollies parents did. Even then they will consider whether their child is worth the loss of votes it might cost them.

  1. I am a die hard conservative President Trump supporter. That being said, the rancher not only did not use e-verify, but he lied about it when this beautiful little girl was killed. There is no redemption for him and no apology should be accepted. Iowans should run him out of the state all the way to Mexico! This guy wanted cheap labor and look how “cheap” that labor turned out to be for the parents of the dead little girl! Anybody that hires without using e-verify is guilty of complicity in the 63,000 Americans that have been killed by illegal aliens since 9/11. ALL employers that don’t use e-verify should be shunned or worse and that includes George W. Bush and all the others that have hundreds of “cheap labor” illegal aliens working for them!

    • Are you nuts? The government under both parties allowed illegals to flow into our country. Trump is the first president to actually stop it. Those who allowed the illegals in are ultimately responsible. The economy would crash if you deported all the illegals quickly and it would not be fair or ethical. You can’t hang a carrot on the other side of the border and expect desperate people to ignore it especially when the word is out there – there is no repercussion for crossing – it even came from Obozo – you can vote if you are an illegal and we won’t come after you! – Remember that? Require E-verify for all new employees, require all illegals to register as such or they will be hunted down. When we know who and where they are we can then deport the bad ones and give the good ones a shot at (not citizenship) but work permits and a not illegal status. Our criminal government created the problem – let’s lock up the border and fix it in a fair and decent way.

      • Very true Rick, but some make it through illegally and don’t get caught. Those are the ones that scare me and make me mad! It needs to stop now. Can you imagine if a Democrat congressman or a senators child were murdered. The wall would be up in a day! Well I exaggerated. lol but they need to go. I live next to a sanctuary city for Somalians and Muslims and it’s awful the care this demo state gives them, now they are running for Congress and the senate I thought you had to be born here to hold an office?

  2. Will Mr. Tibbetts excuse both Rivera and Budd? When you have RINOs, Democrats, the U.S.Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU, LaRaza, the Ag Association, a corrupted Congress and many in law enforcement, combined with the father of the murdered girl, advocating for illegal aliens, law-abiding citizens will need more than mandated e-verify in order to protect us.

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