Report: Intruders Breach U.S. Airport Fences Every 10 Days

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Authorities not cracking down on intruders who jump over fences, but on release of information about security breaches, report reveals.

While passengers wait in long lines inside the airport, evidence shows more concerns about what is going on outside.

Investigative research over the past two years by the Associated Press has revealed 345 incidents at 31 major airports in the U.S., where individuals broke through secure areas outside the airport, scaling fences, walking through vehicle check points, and entering the tarmac and runway areas.

Some of those at the top of the list include San Francisco (41), Los Vegas (30), Philadelphia (30), Los Angeles (26) and NY JFK (12).

At least 39 security breaches occurred nationwide in 2015, with an average of one every 9.5 days.

FOX News reports:   Airport officials point out that no case involved a known terrorist plot. Police reports suggest many trespassers were disoriented, intoxicated or delusional. Some came on skateboards and bikes, while others commandeered vehicles on the tarmac. One man got into a helicopter cockpit and was preparing to take off.

Five intruders brought knives and one a loaded gun.

Aviation security consultant Jeff Price said the TSA and airports have not done enough to address gaps in perimeter security.  “The straight-up honest answer as to why it’s not being vigorously addressed? Nothing bad’s happened. Yet,” Price said.

Airport officials stress that the miles of fences, gates and guardhouses protecting their properties are secure and say many intruders are quickly caught.

Perimeters are not “a gaping vulnerability,” said Christopher Bidwell, vice president of security at the advocacy group Airports Council International-North America. When intruders are quickly caught, “their ability to do anything nefarious isn’t really there,” Bidwell said. “It’s being neutralized because they are actively being surveilled.”


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