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A video emerged Tuesday, described to be footage taken at a protest in Iran, showing a government building on fire. Multiple tweets have hit social media which include a video image of a group of angry people taking cell videos, while a fire rages in front of the building.

In several tweets, the post declares: “#KhameneiShahr theological center burned by protesters at #Isfahan #Esfahan minutes ago.”

The tweets seem to be referring to Khomeini Shahr, a city in Khomeyni Shahr County, Isfahan Province, Iran. Khomeini Shahr is the capital of the county.

In another post, Borzoi Daragahi, who says he is a world correspondent for Buzz Feed, covering the Middle East, has posted several videos of various demonstrations in Iran (see sampling below). He also included the same video claiming to be from Khomeini Shahr, tweeting: “Video purports to show group of protesters today setting fire to a seminary in Khomeini-Shahr, outside Isfahan, as they chant, ‘Death to the dictator!'”

The antigovernment protests have spread to dozens of Iranian cities in the past week, as the government initially underestimated a “long-simmering power struggle between hard-liners and reformers,” according to The New York Times. While the protests began with unrest over the economy, the anger behind the demonstrations is reportedly directed at the entire political establishment.

Iran’s leaders have responded publicly to the protests, with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, blaming outside “enemies” for causing the protests.

U.S. leaders, including Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald J. Trump, have expressed their support for the protesters in Iran.

Other videos purported to be of the protests in Iran.

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