Report: Why Islamic Compounds Across the US Are Stockpiling Arms

National Security Analyst Ryan Morrow of the Clarion Project spoke with Stuart Varney on Fox Business Thursday about the multitude of Islamic compounds scattered across the United States.

Morrow said multiple sources have confirmed that the people living within the Islamic compounds believe that, with the election of Donald Trump, the “end-times” prophecies they believe in are now being fulfilled.   They think that Donald Trump is part of a “Satanic Jewish conspiracy” and they are preparing for their camps to be raided.

Varney pointed out that if they have licenses to own the weapons, the FBI can’t simply go in and search their compounds.   Morrow said they have a terrorist history, and are connected to terror networks in Pakistan and send money back there.

Varney asked, “You say this is an enemy army, fully armed, ready to attack?”   Morrow confirmed it is, saying he believes they should be labeled as a foreign terrorist organization, even though the members within the compounds are American citizens.


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