Report: Isolated British Muslims Believe The UK Is Mostly Islamic

A major review done by Dame Louise Casey, a British government official, finds that Muslims in some parts of the country are so cut off from the rest of society that they believe the UK is a Muslim nation and 75 per cent of the population follow the Islamic faith.

The report shows that thousands of Muslims live segregated from the rest of the UK, and have their own housing estates, schools and television channels.

The report will “send shock waves through the system”, a source told The Times. They added that “It’s going to be quite hard reading for some people.”

“Certain Muslims, because they are in these communities and go to Muslim schools, think Britain is a Muslim country. They think 75 percent of the country is Muslim”, a source who has seen the report told The Times.

The 2011 Census shows that the actual proportion of Muslims in England and Wales is under five per cent,  Christians account for nearly 60 per cent of the population.

Northern cities such as Bradford, Dewsbury and Blackburn contain large concentrations of Muslims who hardly ever leave their isolated areas, and these Muslims will hardly ever interact with mainstream British society.

An example of this is the Savile Town area of Dewsbury, which is 98.7 per cent South Asian, where a majority of its inhabitants follow Islam.


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