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The left-leaning Daily Beast website has suspended liberal commentator Joy Reid’s semi-regular column for the website in light of homophobic comments that have resurfaced on a blog she used to write.

“We’re going to hit pause on Reid’s columns,” Daily Beast Executive Editor Noah Shachtman said in an email to staff, according to a report Thursday by the news site the Wrap. “As you’re well aware, support for LGBTQ rights and respect for human dignity are core to Daily Beast. So we’re taking seriously the new allegations that one of our columnists, Joy Reid, previously wrote homophobic blog posts during her stint as a radio host.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“Obviously, this is a difficult situation,” it said. “We’ve all said and done things in our lives that we wish we hadn’t done. We deserve the room to grow beyond our past. But these allegations are serious enough that they deserve a full examination.”

At issue are comments Reid apparently made on a personal blog she used to run. The comments resurfaced last week and were noted on Twitter. They included a remark about former Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers having “lesbian hair” and Reid saying she didn’t like to see two men kissing.

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