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The transgender agenda in public schools, which insists a person’s sex is a subjective matter based on feelings, took a huge step forward this week with a federal judge ruling boys must be allowed to use girls’ rest rooms and showers, and vice versa.

U.S. District Court Judge Marco Hernandez in Oregon did offer an alternative, however: Parents who object to mixed-sex showers for their children can take them out of the schools for which they pay.

The article goes on to state the following:

His ruling failed to address the fact that if they homeschool send them to a private school, as do many with such concerns, they must not only pay for their local public school but also for a second round of costs.

“It is within Parent Plaintiffs’ right to remove their children from Dallas [Oregon] High School if they disapprove of transgender student access to facilities,” the judge said.

“Once the parents have chosen to send their children to school … their liberty interest in their children’s education is severely diminished.”

His ruling, however, conflicts with President Trump’s rescinding of an Obama administration guidance letter directing schools that want to continue to receive federal funding to let transgender students use facilities that correspond with their “gender identity.”

Hernandez, who was appointed by Obama, rejected the claims from Parents for Privacy, Kris Golly, Jon Golly, Lindsey Golly, Nicole Lille, Melissa Gregory and Parents Rights in Education against the Dallas School District No. 2 and the Oregon Department of Education.

The report further stated:

In the Dallas district, an unidentified female student submitted such a claim to be a boy, and the school developed a plan to allow her to use the boys’ facilities.

The parents then objected.

The judge, who insisted on calling her “he,” discounted all claims the other students had to privacy, even though they, according to the judge’s ruling, say they experienced “embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, intimidation, fear, apprehension and stress.”

The principal, according to the judge, “informed them that all facilities may be used by any student regardless of biological sex.”

The judge criticized Trump’s reversal of Obama’s instructions to school districts for not offering “guidance” on the issue.

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  1. When a student is moledted while using the gym showers or restrooms this crazy judge needs to be charged along with the student molester. This judge is definitely asking for major trouble to occur. It it does happen, am it will, I will not be surprised if parents get involved
    in the mix and then parents and kids Wil get hurt.
    Get ready judge, your time is cpming!

  2. Judge, are you brain dead? Would he like it if your daughter, if she was a freshman, was forced to shower with a bunch of high hormonal boys who decided to rape her in the shower. Would you like that? She, if a normal teen, wouldn’t let her mother shower or be in the same room while she is showering……AND IT’S HER MOTHER! Children, at this age can’t handle public exposure. It seems, from the post, that you could care less about their feelings. It seems you have a bit of anger inside you to force this heinous deed.
    Just remember, you took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and not to your liking either; also, GOD IS Watching everything you think, do and say. I will pray for your immortal soul.

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