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Ohio Gov. John Kasich believes Republicans should have been able to secure a resounding victory in last week’s special election in his home state, arguing the results are a warning from voters to Republicans.

Republican Troy Balderson ended Tuesday night with a narrow lead against Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, and the election has not officially been called.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It wasn’t a good night, because this is a district that you should be winning by, you know, overwhelming numbers,” the Republican governor and 2016 presidential candidate told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“The last guy won by, I don’t know, 17 points,” added Kasich, who represented the district during his time in Congress. “So, what you had is, I think, a message from the voters to the Republicans that you’ve got to stop the chaos and you’ve got to get more in tune and stop alienating people and try to figure out, how do families do better.”

Kasich, who left open the possibility that he might run for president again in 2020, said the focus has been on tariffs, separating children from their parents at the border or “a fight here where maybe people could lose their health care if they have a preexisting condition.”

“People just want the government to do its job, to improve the situation for them,” he said. “Not to be, not to be on the front page and creating a chaotic environment all the time. They don’t want that.”

Kasich said it’s not about “making the case against” President Donald Trump, but returning the party to its roots.

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  1. If Kasich bases the strength of a Party on the outcome of an election then he should be reminded of the overwhelming majority of Republicans who blatantly rejected him in his last of many attempts to hear “Hail to the Chief” when he enters a room.

    Kasich is a wannabe who never will be.

  2. Kasich has WH dreamin’ going on. Not likelymMr Kasich. You just don’t cut it. Plus you all aver the place politics,a what was that agin that you stand for????

  3. As a lifelong citizen of Ohio, I will never vote for John Kasich again. He embarrassed me with his refusal to be at the 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland. His petty childish behavior was the last straw for me. Now he’s playing to the national press as that reach across the aisle, come together politician. He’s done in Ohio!

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