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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Rachel Garcia, the great-niece of farm workers’ union organizer Cesar Chavez, is grateful that President Joe Biden chose a bust of her famous relative to place behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office — but she has no idea why he did so.

Biden, like President Barack Obama before him, removed a bust of the legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, a symbol of the special relationship between the United States and Great Britain.

The article goes on to state the following:

He placed the Chavez bust on the table behind his desk, among portraits of his family members, where it will be seen by anyone meeting with him and will be captured by photographers’ lenses or television cameras in national TV addresses.

In their report, Breitbart points out that Chavez, a U.S. military veteran and civil rights leader who is a prominent hero among many Latinos, actually opposed illegal immigration, viewing it as a threat to farm workers who were legally present in the United States.  A U.S. Navy ship was named after him in 2012.

Biden has no known links to Chavez, but he has a bust of him now on prominent display in his office. The report notes that Biden did not perform well among Hispanic voters in the Nov. 3 election.

Open borders advocate Rep. Joaquin Castro cheered over the new bust in Biden’s Oval Office.  He tweeted, “A bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office. With farmworkers on the frontlines of COVID, risking their lives to feed all Americans, this symbol is a powerfully important reminder of who we’re fighting for. Working people have a champion again in the White House.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro also praised the move, noting that Biden’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Julie Rodriguez is the granddaughter of Chavez.

“.@POTUS put a bust of Latino labor & civil-rights leader, #CesarChavez in the credenza behind his desk. It’s got huge significance for many of us.  I can only imagine what it means to @JulieR2019, Biden’s Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, and one of Chavez’ granddaughters,” she tweeted.

Conservative radio host Larry Elder weighed in on the issue, tweeting, “Note the bust of Cesar Chavez behind Biden as he signed executive orders. Is Biden aware that Chavez, born in USA, HATED #illegalimmigration because it depressed wages–and that Chavez worked with the feds to stop it?”

Meanwhile, others are outraged that Biden has removed the bust of Winston Churchill.  U.K. leader Nigel Farage wrote in a Twitter post, “There are media reports that the bust of Winston Churchill has been removed from the Oval Office. If true, this is a slap in the face to the British and any prospects of good relations.”

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  1. Pandering at it’s finest and don’t they research first. Most of the illegals will be out of jobs soon just like Americans. They don’t only work in fields and if they do it’s for little wages.

  2. I’m almost certain Beijing Biden has no idea who it is and would have rather put Xi JINPING in Churchill’s place but Kamala insisted.

  3. Biden sure knows how to make friends and influence people, not. He has Canada angry with him over the pipeline and now the U.K. over removal of the Churchill bust. Who is next? Thought he wanted to be a unifier. Who is he kidding?

  4. Cant fix stupid! And most Latinos with a brain voted for Trump because he was real and sincere about helping the people, unlike “ stuck on stupid voter cheat” he’s Fake as a three dollar bill.

  5. The Chavez bust is there in Oval Office to remind Joe how he won the election fraudulently. If Chavez can rig an Election, it can work for Biden.

  6. Very annoying Sleepy Joe. Let’s see how this plays out. Mike keep reporting the truth and wish more people would voice their opinions!

  7. Agree with all others…he is just pandering and trying to win the latino vote. Or just trying to be as diverse as possible. Can’t do that the white guy up there.

  8. “Working people have a champion again”? 30 Minutes into the White House, he canceled $1.6 Billion in Union contracts and $900 Million in Union Wages. Your hashtag doesn’t change facts. Also, Chavez’s granddaughter doesn’t even know why Biden did it? I feel bad for the generation after mine, good luck making it to retirement.

  9. But in the meantime they shut down America’s farmers !! So of course then Gates buys up their land so he can put the Latinos ( illegals probably ) on the land to work it in order to help to produce his faux and tainted food that he wants us to eat because they want and plan to get rid of our real foods and meats . These tainted foods will cause DNA changes over time along with the vaccine…. we will become part robot and part human… “ beam
    Me up Scotty !”

  10. It was either the bust of Chavez or Julian Castro as his running mate. He made the right choice. Besides, Kameltoe smells nicer.

  11. Cesar Chavez was a thug – there was nothing good about him – he and his thugs were like antifa. I ran a group of them off our property. They were vicious –
    These are the caliber of people Biden is drawn to.

  12. Hey Castro. I’d be willing to bet you that a year from now if Biden and Kamala are still there that the unemployment rate is over 9%.

  13. Its because Trump ended the usa corp w the British crown! He and his ho know that is bad for them. Makes them president and vp to nonexistent country now. We will be the republic of USA and Trump will be president!


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