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Karim Brohi, the director of London’s major trauma system, blasted President Trump’s suggestion that guns would help combat knife violence, calling such a proposal “ridiculous.”

“There is more we can all do to combat this violence, but to suggest guns are part of the solution is ridiculous,” Brohi said. “Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more difficult to repair. We are proud of our world-leading service and to serve the people of London.”

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Trump’s comments came Friday at the National Rifle Association conference in Dallas, where he stated he read a news article “that in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital right in the middle is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds.”

“They say it’s as bad as a military war zone hospital,” Trump said. “Knives, knives, knives.”

Trump then said that London was “getting used” to knife crimes, adding that “it’s pretty tough.”

It’s not clear what article Trump was referring to, but the BBC notedthat leading London trauma surgeon Dr. Martin Griffiths told BBC Radio 4 in April that the Royal London Hospital had been equated to an Afghan war zone.

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