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The police major who roused the ire of some protesters after criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement has been relieved of her duties with the Louisville Police Department.

Louisville’s Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder and Mayor Greg Fischer announced on Friday that Maj. Bridget Hallahan would be relieved of her duties with the department but would remain on staff until Oct. 1, when she will begin her retirement.

The article goes on to state the following:

Hallahan, who was the leader of the department’s 5th Division, outraged many local leaders when she criticized antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters in an email to members of her department. She claimed that protesters were demonstrating against the department “without even knowing the facts.”

Two officers were shot during the protests Wednesday night:

Thursday night, protesters smashed glass of businesses and spray painted buses:

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  1. Fired for speaking the truth? Nothing new these days.

    This can be expected in all communist run cities around this nation….

    Anybody who supports the Demonrats at this point must be considered an enemy of the republic!

  2. This is not only getting out of control but it’s frightening, one can’t speak out against these thugs that are not only destroying cities, but are shooting police and hurting innocent people, plus murdering people.
    Yet they get away with their crimes of burning and destroying property.
    This is the norm now, who wants to live this way? Only to get worse if Biden gets in.
    When is enough enough?😥😥😥😥😥

  3. This is insanity. You can’t say what you want any longer. Are we now in a communist country. I pray President Trump wins because if Biden wins we will be communist. It’s very scary. If you don’t punish people for rioting they will never stop.

  4. Know who they , the left wing idiots are , where they reside and deal with them after the election
    There will be civil war no matter who wins . Murder is bad , but they are worse and promote censoring , controlling and murdering us . It will soon be our turn as Patriots and True Americans .
    Check your history , it’s how America became America . We fought and died for it and we will have to again . Like it or not .

  5. As much as we need police, they all need to walk off the job and go to Tahiti for 3 months. Let everyone realize we need them.


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