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Democratic representative Sean Maloney (N.Y.) cannot stop talking about tampons and wants taxpayers to pay for feminine hygienic products for his staff members.

Maloney, who is simultaneously running for reelection in the 18th district and for attorney general in New York, has been credited with starting the “Tampon Lobby” on Capitol Hill and has recently taken up the banner for “menstrual equity.” Google turns up 69,600 results for “Sean Maloney” and “tampons.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Maloney’s tampon crusade began last month, when he accused House Republicans of an “archaic” and “sexist policy” of not forcing taxpayers to pay for the tampons of Hill staffers.

Maloney complained that the House Finance Office would not reimburse him for the $37.16 worth of tampons he bought for his congressional office.

“My office recently got smacked down by the powers that be in the House because we had the temerity to offer feminine hygiene products for the women who work for me,” he said in a video for Now This News. “By the way, a majority of my staff is female and we have a million people come through our office, and we provide things like paper towels, or tissues, or first aid, like Band-Aids, supplies that people need. And those are paid for by an office budget. Pretty normal stuff.”

Maloney said it is “crazy” that taxpayers do not already pay for his staffers’ tampons, which he considers an “office supply.”

“But we were informed a couple days ago that we couldn’t buy tampons, and we thought that was crazy,” he said. “But I was supposed to write a $37.16 check to reimburse the House for those purchases because they were considered inappropriate.”

Maloney took issue with an email from the House Finance Office, which informed him that he needed to pay for the tampons himself, since tampons are “not an office supply, but a personal care item.”

“I think the key sentence here is, ‘Tampons are not an office supply, but a personal care item,'” Maloney said.

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Maloney was interviewed by TMZ about his tampon dilemma on June 29:

Since his earlier interview with TMZ, tampon donations have started pouring in, so Maloney got back on TMZ to say thank you:

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In the following video, Maloney addresses the DNC in July 2016, on the topic of “marriage equality.” He has a husband and three children.

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  1. I would think that as a Dem, and likely having female staffers who are Dems, that they would be more environmentally aware and stop using tampons anyway!! Diva Cups are the newest “thing” and I would think that even the tree huggers would be clamoring to buy them?

  2. I’m sorry, but as a teacher, I always had to supply my own feminine supplies at work. Certainly his female workers can do the same!

  3. I have never had tampons provided for me by any employers!!! Now that I’m unable to work (which is not the case with his staff), can I get some tax-funded tampons?

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