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An alarming number of NYC students have scored three or more “zeroes” for their writing answers on the statewide English exams, a new study reveals.

On the English Language Arts exams between 2013 and 2016, in addition to multiple-choice questions, students had to read nine or 10 short stories or texts, then write responses aimed at showing their ability to think critically and cite evidence to support their answers.

The article goes on to state the following:

A score of zero (out of 2 to 4 possible points per question) means a student wrote something “totally inaccurate,” “unintelligible,” or “indecipherable.”

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  1. What do you expect, when to teachers are too busy brainwashing the kids with their liberal ideas instead of teaching them the three Rs

    • They are passing them through from first grade to high school without reading skills. No child left behind is a disaster. If a child can’t read with comprehension they should be held back till they can. Seventy five percent of black boys leaving grade school can’t read to high school standards and that’s when they drop out. White kids aren’t much better.

    • I’m totally triggered by your racist rant. Don’t you realize that those tests are nothing but racist and that this whole idea of demonstrating competence is a ploy of the Patriarchal Nazis to suppress the self-esteem of young minorities, thus ensuring their failure in this capitalistic horror we call an economy.

      Now I’m going to have to make something with my play-dough to calm me down.
      Shame on you!

  2. Oh well, lets just get rid of those pesky tests! Who needs to communicate anyway? We’ll just throw things, break things, vandalize and tear down things! We don’t comprehend!
    Such a sad state of disgrace.

  3. Teachers that could not write an expository paragraph, teaching barely literate students; ah, the joys of “Modern Education.”

  4. A lot of these youngsters better to make sure they get their reading skills up to a good level. They will not compete very well in a high tech society. Drop the Socialist indoctrination in our schools or risk being a bunch of dummies for life.

  5. Maybe they should pass them just for showing up for the test. Isn’t that what liberals do? So they don’t hurt their feelings? Lol

  6. It’s because they CAN’T critically think anymore. They have been taught to be sheeple by the liberal education system.

  7. The education system in the liberal states, in particularly are allowing their liberal teachers to teach what the want and the 3 Rs are being neglected. There was a time when the 3 Rs, civics, geography, English and the sciences were required. The lose of these “basics” are the reason the United State ranks 26 in education in the world. Even some o our finest colleges institutions’ educators are extremely liberal and feeding students their cock and bull political philosophies

  8. In many schools today, they do not teach writing any more. The kids use a computer or reader. It’s a shame that writing is being lost to them. Penmanship was a required subject a few years ago, but consider unnecessary today. The children have used computer so much, that they have not learn to figure out problems with their minds.

  9. It’s okay, we need migrant pickers in the orchards of WA State. Send them. Clean air, blue skies… But they’d actually need to learn how to work. We used to employ uneducated people from Arkansas, then Mexico. Now Haitians are coming. They might as well come from NYC. That’s just one more stop along the way.

  10. in many areas of NYC they are in poverty and schools have no books or materials. I have a friend teaching there. He copies pages out of books he can find. very sad

    The hate talk about liberals etc has to stop. is just immature and we are all human

    • Janice M Tripi, liberals especially those protesting in the street are not acting like humans, so tell me another story! When you and your liberal friends quit crying about Trump winning in 2016, then I will quit bashing you and your snowflake liberal friends! The protesting and the violence(fascism at its worst)against Trump people, makes your friend non-human! Just like ANTIFA, they are like the “pot calling the kettle black” they are the fascist! I could go on and on, Janice, so you need to button your lip and try too explain to me, why liberals are human!

    • Yeah, liberals waste all the money on buying condoms for the kids, and busing them to marches in DC, and paying useless teachers who should be fired to sit in a room and read all day. Let’s not even talk about the rank corruption and theft that goes on in these liberal school districts. Cry me a river lady. The problem is the totalitarian liberals in the schools.

      • Don’t complain about the liberals giving out condoms. That helps prevent more liberals from being born. Also, before you anti-choice people complain about abortion just remember who are aborting babies and how many more liberals there would be if abortion was illegal. We have enough liberals dependent on the state without adding any more.

    • When liberals stop attacking anyone who dares to think differently, and when they stop pitching screaming fits, and blocking government folks and their families from stores and other places of business and when they quit lying about our president and screaming, yelling cursing and flipping off any American that dares to speak truth then and only then will the bad feelings and thoughts against them stop. Your right we are ALL only human after all but it is the liberal mind set that keeps forgetting that.

  11. The liberal communists told us back in the 1950s that they would conquer us without a shot by infiltrating our grade schools and our colleges to teach our kids to hate freedom and to hate our country. That they would dumb our kids down, and that they would teach them to NOT think, but to be told what to do, and within a generation they would hate our country and embrace communism. Well, folks, they succeeded, this is where we are at.

    These communists also told us that they would infiltrate our highest offices inside our government to take our country down. Well, folks, they succeeded, this is where we are at.

    Obama was placed inside our White House, the highest office inside our government, by George Soros and his demonRAT Mafia mob, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NYT, WaPo, Hollywood pagans, NFL, rappers, the Muslim Brotherhood. He was the perfect choice to bring our country down, they used the always effective race card to shut us up and gag anyone who tried to expose the turth, and they used the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS as weapons to hide, bury, and cover his true identity and background and to keep his secrets safe from us.

    Our children are being manipulated, brainwashed, and indoctrinated into the communist illusion and that our country is bad, Obama told us that on his muslim pedestal, every single day for 8 long miserable years, and we are too weak and too eager to believe every word this hateful radical muslim has spoon fed us for 8 years. This is what the communists do, they infiltrate, they feed lies and propaganda, and divide with hate and violence. They are the Trojan Horse cancer, and we have allowed them to do this to us.

    They rule with their culture of hate, division, and anarchy, because they KNOW that they will lose if we remain “UNITED”. Because united we stand and divided we fall. And we are falling flat on our faces because we have become a ship of fools.

  12. Yeah, liberals waste all the money on buying condoms for the kids, and busing them to marches in DC, and paying useless teachers who should be fired to sit in a room and read all day. Let’s not even talk about the rank corruption and theft that goes on in these liberal school districts. Cry me a river lady. The problem is the totalitarian liberals in the schools.

  13. A solution on many levels is for Trump’s education czar to totally redo the high school and college systems. We don’t need so many teachers. How about class rooms of 60 kids with 60 computers all networked to display the same material – their class book. They read and watch throughout the period and then take a quiz – on the computer. There is one teacher to discuss and answer questions and there is also an “F1” help wizard. This would reduce the number of teachers by 50%, weaken the corrupt teachers union which should not exist anyway for civil servants, and better educate our kids.

  14. NYC schools have been under the direction of the farthest left liberal “Educators” for decades and the result is obvious. Students aren’t made to perform, instead they receive “Participation Awards” and have a grading system in which nobody fails. All this so that no student’s feelings or psyche will be hurt.
    The liberals are ruining the educational system in America – – all part of their plan to destroy the country and turn it into Cuba, Venezuela or the Congo.

  15. AI….That’s what our nation is headed for and will be needed, because we are pushing idiots through the schools…I know a couple retired teachers…They have told me you can not forced education on students that refuse to learn and there is only objection from parents when they tell them, their child is a disruptive bully in class and learning nothing…You lay hands on them, you’re fired, so they do nothing, they control the class rooms and learning is the last thing they want to do….Then it’s lets blame the teachers, it must be their fault….My precious child is so sweet, what a good boy or girl he and now more often, she is…The Chinese will truly be eating their lunches, when these geniuses, “snark snark”, serve them up at Mikey D’s…..When they took discipline out of the schools and then the parents rights, to discipline, out of the homes, they created this mess…Thank the Liberals for this…I think it’s to late to save them, because they don’t care, their parents don’t care and frankly, I no longer care….Sweepers, Burger flippers, “Coffee barons”….What a f*&king joke.

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