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Republican freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took advantage of the save of outrage from conservatives over the banning of six beloved Dr. Seuss books this week as an opportunity to take a few shots at Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Greene posted two poems she wrote, using the writing style of the Dr. Seuss books.

In the first tweet on Wednesday, Greene proclaimed:

“If I published books, I wouldn’t succumb to leftists’ dirty looks.
I would never cancel the author of Cat in the Hat.
Hope, I would never do that.
If I ran the House, I would fire Pelosi.
It would make the place a lot more cozy.
I would impeach Joe Biden and send him back into hidin’.
Woke progressives want cancel culture, they’re just a bunch of nasty vultures.”

In another Dr. Seuss-style poem on Thursday, under the hashtag “#ImpeachBiden,” Greene wrote:

“I do not like your mental haze, I do not like your leftist ways. I do not like your son on blow, I do not like you Mr. Joe.”

Greene also slammed Biden Friday evening, responding to a tweet in which he stated, “Everyone in America who wants the COVID-19 vaccine should be able to get it free of charge. The American Rescue Plan will make that a reality.”

Greene fired back, “Everyone in America can have the COVID-19 vaccine thanks to President Donald J Trump and everyone who worked on Operation Warp Speed. President Trump saved lives! Now OPEN America, OPEN all our children’s schools, and END masks mandates!”

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  1. I really appreciate Green, it’s also my favorite Color! Keep Crushing the Left under your Superior Mental capabilities!

  2. Majority Taylor Green, you ROCK! Keep the pressure on the left! Don’t give them a inch or they’ll take a mile!


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