The mayor of Petatlan, Guerrero, Mexico was murdered last week – shot and killed by cartel gunmen. According to reports, Arturo Gomez Perez was killed while out dining with family, his death one of 23 mayors killed within the last six years.

The gunmen murdered Gomez Perez while he was dining at a restaurant called Casa Vieja. Perez was reportedly taken to the hospital, but later died from the wounds (see video below).

As Breitbart News reported, the gunmen fled “with complete impunity.”

Gomez Perez’s death comes a few months after his close aid, Manuel Rebelled Perez, was kidnapped and executed. According to police, the aid was kidnapped on July 16, and his killer(s) dumped his body near the Zihuatanejo airport, leaving a message behind.

Breitbart reports that Guerrero has become “a war zone for rival cartels seeking control of the region.”

According to a tweet from Mexico’s National Mayors Association, “With the death of Mayor Arturo Gomez Perez of the municipality of [,] [there have been] 23 mayors in office killed violently in the six years…” They ask for “urgent security protocol for mayors.”

The Association further claims that 111 mayors have been murdered during President Enrique Peña Nieto’s term of office, including 23 current mayors, 34 former mayors, and 5 mayors-elect.

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