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A Houston-area Mexican restaurant defended itself on Saturday after it served Attorney General Jeff Sessions following the attorney general’s Friday speech to law enforcement agents in the city.

The restaurant faced online backlash, including a social media boycott campaign and one-star Yelp reviews, after posting to Facebook that Sessions ate there.

The article goes on to state the following:

El Tiempo Cantina, which serves Tex-Mex, said Saturday that restaurant staff had no idea who they were serving until Sessions entered the establishment, and were preoccupied with providing service to the Secret Service agents who arrived before the attorney general.

“The secret service contacted us that a government official was coming to dinner at our establishment and his identity was not know until he walked through the door,” the restaurant’s owner, Roland Laurenzo, wrote on Facebook.

“The posting of a photograph of the Attorney General at one of our restaurants does not represent us supporting his positions,” the post added. “El Tiempo does not in anyway support the practice of separating children from parents or any other practices of the government relative to immigration.”

The restaurant has deleted a Facebook post including Sessions’ photo, but not before many online users reacted.

“What were you thinking? Serving people that support separating families, ripping children and babies from parents…being against immigrants which you benefit the most from?” posted one Yelp reviewer.

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  1. All these liberals who are targeting Trump people forget that OBAMA was first one that separated familes of illegals coming into our borders. Guess they didn’t care that Obama did it. And remember, not ALL people with children have those children legally. They should be checked out first to determine if the child belongs to them or was taken as it has been known to happen. That is for the SAFETY of the children!

  2. The looney left shows it’s true colours once again. The US is a FREE country and you can eat wherever and whenever you want without being harrassed (before, during or after). The lengths that these deplorables will go to are never ending. Don’t worry, I think the restaurant may see a spike in business over this crap, sure hope so.

  3. I know the left really wants to blame President Trump for the family seperation practice that has been going on for years but geesh enough is enough already. I know that the leftists mind exploded as soon as President Trump said the words zero tolerance, and they went looking for things to show he is evil even if it had to be dug out of the archives or orchatrasted for cameras. I hope that the people flock to the restaurant and his business explodes over this.

  4. These asshats rip more babies out of the womb separating them from their mothers than any generation that came before them. And they are more worried about a animal than they are a human. It is a darn shame that DML doesn’t request the declassified photos of severed heads hanging in trees along the Mexican border, or the mass graves…. Anyone can request them via the Freedom of Information Act. But do they ?? Nooooo Maybe if you showed what kind of vermin are actually walking across the border people might wake up!!!

  5. What a said response to this ! Why not say something like I have a business to run an I can take someone’s money and not agree whit there political views. And ! If you cant sepreat you business from personal you will go broke and close your door soon after .
    Hay I dont give a shit about your political views and will serve anyone I want .

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