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Michael Moore appealed to supporters of President Donald Trump to wear a mask during the pandemic, stating that “if millions” of them “die off” that’s “a lot less Republican voters.”

“I have two words for MAGA Nation: Don’t Die,” the 66-year-old filmmaker captioned his post on Instagram Wednesday, along with a series of snaps showing Trump supporters at rallies, with some not wearing a face mask. It is unclear from the photos when any of them were taken.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Your love of and loyalty to Trump isn’t worth your life,” he added. “With 73 million of you refusing to wear a mask and to social distance, there’ll be no way to eradicate this disease. And a lot of you are going to die.”

Below is Moore’s Instagram post:

I have two words for MAGA Nation: Don’t Die. Your love of and loyalty to Trump isn’t worth your life. With 73 million of you refusing to wear a mask and to social distance, there’ll be no way to eradicate this disease. And a lot of you are going to die. Why do you want to infect your spouse, your parents, your children? By now, despite your bluster and anger, I KNOW that YOU know that this pandemic is real. One person is dying every 37 seconds? What do you think that is? If al-Qaeda started killing one American every 37 seconds, what would you want to do about that? Why are you doing NOTHING to stop this slaughter? What will it take for you and I to join, arm in arm, to kill Covid-19? The death of your mother? Your son? Where’s the exact line where you’ll say enough is enough? How about you ending up in bed sick as a dog for five weeks, and when it’s over, you’ve lost your sense of taste and smell for the rest of your life. Your balance permanently wrecked so that you’ll never walk straight again? Those are the long term disabilities that many people who don’t die from the virus end up with. At what point will you just say, “to hell with politics and politicians — I want my family to live!”

So today I am reaching my hand out to you, my neighbor, my fellow American. I do so out of love and respect and the deep desire to see you live. Let’s agree to wear a mask. Let’s agree to keep our physical distance. This isn’t forever! We can lick this thing!

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Look at it this way — if millions of you die off, that’s a lot less Republican voters — and that means we win every election from here on out! Do you want your loved ones who are left behind to be ruled by US? Because when you’re gone, we’re gonna make sure every single one of them has free health care, free college, a middle class wage, and living in a neighborhood with all kinds of people — and in cities and states being run by women! And I’m going to see that that all happens — all because you wouldn’t wear a 50-cent mask!

And most important, when you’re dead from Covid-19, who’s gonna be left to kick my ass?! YOU NEED TO LIVE!



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A post shared by Michael Moore (@michaelfmoore)

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  1. What a sicko! He should pack up and live in China. I wear my mask and self-distance. He should talk to the liberal elite friends, governors who makes laws for COVID-19 and is then caught not wearing mask and not distancing.

  2. Michael Moore many of people have died even wearing a mask
    I personally know of six people who have perished and they had done everything the cdc and top health advisers were suggesting. So shut up 🤫

  3. Lets make it sound like its ALL THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Not wearing a mask and making all this happen. Michael Moore u are a complete moron

  4. Keep your ridiculous comments to yourself. Worry about yourself and leave us out of your bullshit. #saynotohollywoodfreaks

  5. My loyalty isn’t to Trump. It’s to the United States of America. The constitution. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The lockdown and mask mandate, globalism, communism, socialism, the Left, are all enemies of life liberty and happiness. My loyalty isn’t to any one person except Jesus Christ. It’s not to Trump. But I will support anyone who defends my rights and freedoms.

  6. “I do so out of love and respect and the deep desire to see you live.” — Michael Moore

    You mean the “deep state” desire, don’t you?

  7. Michael Moore can kiss my rear end! You only wear the mask if you are sick! Personally I wear a mask that you can’t see! My immune system is strong. People have to use their common sense to avoid this crap!

  8. Ok Mr. Wacko! I just wish I could come face to face with this idiot. Unlike him….I can think for myself and don’t need his input.. kiss off ugly jerk.

  9. Michael Moore is pathetic blaming TRUMP supporters for not wearing a Mask…Mask don’t work idiot …But let’s not forget about all the rioters over the Summer who weren’t wearing mask…Nobody wants to listen to your BS anymore …..I know 4 people who wore a mask and did everything they were supposed to, 2 have died they were in nursing homes and the other 2 are recovering

  10. We have love and loyalty and it’s recognized by Mr Potato Head himself and this is true. Conversely No-one could have love and loyalty for Joe (the fish) Biden. And finally Michael Moore is fraudulently stating his concern for our welfare. Yet another indication of systemic fraud within the Democratic Party.

  11. Moore is so damn ugly I encourage him to NEVER take his mask off. If he does, I hope he shoves it up his ass. Yeah, move to China You Nazi bastard.

  12. Maybe these people are a lot healthier than he is, just look at him ! He’s obese, most likely high cholesterol, high blood sugar, maybe liver enzymes are off , he’s potential for stroke and heart attack just with his weight and his hate that brews within him !!!

  13. Man, what an ignorant POS. Tell the dems that make these rules to follow their own guidelines. It’s not just Trump supporters. It’s mostly the elite morons that make the rules and break them.

  14. Michael Moore aka Penguin!!! Beijing Biden’s Buddies Brought this China Virus to the United States in Hopes of doing exactly what it has done !! This was all a planned out deal from China to cripple our economy and take down Trump and the Evil Left ran with it !!! Because after all they didn’t care whether or not American was destroyed as long as Trump was out of the Picture !!! There plan was that the Soros Backed Global Reset aka New World Order or Whatever they wanna call it would come in after our business was closed down our place of Worship was gone. this same rule didn’t apply to Liquor bars Or Weed Shops they were Wide Open!!! You are apart of the Left and approve of everything they do!!! Michael Moore we don’t need ANYONE TO TELL US HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES !!! YOU DONT PAY OUR BILLS !! OR YOU FEED US !!! SO LEAVE US TO $&@$ ALONE!!!

  15. Well, he’s a moron and I wear mine. I have RA and take immune suppressing drugs. I’ve been more careful than he probably has. I’ve been sick for 17 years so I’ve avoided large crowds for many years because of my health and how long it takes for me to get over a simple cold

  16. Message to Michael Moore: All of us will die. But those of us who support Pres. Trump will live until then with the dignity that comes from our love of liberty. And those of us who have been re-born will taste of death but once.

  17. Michael Moore just doesn’t get it. He blames Donald Trump for death when the real culprit here is China but him and his scumbag friends in the Democratic Party will not acknowledge that. Michael Moore is a “never was been”. Too blind to see that this is a scamdemic not a pandemic. Michael is a sorry lost soul.

  18. These Hollywood people and their olive branches lol. When President Trump keeps the White House for four more years they will be trying to beat us with those same olive branches. Wait for it lol.

  19. Gag.
    Worry about your own.
    BLM Antifa Socialist voting for Puppet head Beijing Biden dancing in the streets….no mask no social distance.
    Lol….and who cares.

  20. This fat blubberhead needs to visit another buffet. Just what does he do for a living besides spread hate. Must not be anything important. We need to eliminate ALL liberals from the world. It would get rid of a lot of stench, fecal matter, hate, and fraud.


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