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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by BREITBART.COM:

Three FBI fugitive MS-13 gang leaders who fled Los Angeles after a 2017 police roundup were captured in Tijuana.

The fugitives were identified as Irwin Hugo “Droopy” Garcia, a leader or “shot-caller” in Pasadena, California; Jesse “Grinch” Perez, leader of the so-called “Adams clique,” in a section of southwest Los Angeles; and Jorge Alberto Ramos, “Poison,” one of the leaders of the Leeward Grandes, established in central Los Angeles, according to Mexican media reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

The MS-13 gang leaders were captured by agents of the state preventive police in Tijuana in colonia Villa del Álamo. All were wanted for charges issued in 2017 for conspiracy to traffic in narcotics and weapons.

All three fugitives were believed to be heavily involved in supervising the smuggling of narcotics into the U.S., destined to the Los Angeles area for Mexican drug cartels based in Tijuana, according to Breitbart law enforcement sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Once in Los Angles, the MS-13 and affiliated criminal gangs would be tasked with distributing the drugs.

MS-13 fugitives (left to right): Jesse Pérez, Jorge Alberto Ramos and Irwin ‘Droopy’ García.

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