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MSNBC star Chris Matthews compared supporters of President Trump to dogs who are being trained to align with Russian President Vladimir Putin instead of NATO.

On Tuesday, Matthews aired footage of Trump speaking at a recent rally, telling the crowd that NATO needs to start paying its bills before predicting that his upcoming meeting with Putin will be “fine.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The far-left “Hardball” host didn’t like what he heard from the president.

“He is taking a Republican Party, a grass roots party that’s spent 60, 70 years leading the war in the Cold War, hating the Russians for all their aggressiveness in the world and taking over the countries on the border and being tyrannical the way they are now and he has those people cheering against Western Europe,’” Matthews said. “He’s dog-training these people.”

Matthews then attacked the people who attended the Trump rally, asking why supporters cheer the president.

“They’re not getting paid. They’re not running for anything. Those regular people that show up for a Trump rally are cheering the attacks on our European allies and cheering ‘give a chance to little Putin,’” Matthews said.

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