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Special counsel Robert Meller’s “Russia collusion” investigation is now expanding to study the alleged relationship between the Trump campaign and Cambridge Analytica, the data firm involved in a newly revealed scandal with Facebook.

From The Hill:

ABC News reported Wednesday that digital experts who worked to support President Trump’s White House bid have met with Mueller’s team of investigators. Those staffers worked closely with Cambridge Analytica, which the campaign used during the 2016 contest.

The Trump campaign declined to comment to ABC News.

Mueller previously requested all emails from employees at Cambridge Analytica who worked with the Trump campaign. The request, reported in December, was voluntary.

Cambridge Analytica was suspended from Facebook on Friday after reports it had not fully deleted data it obtained from Cambridge University professor Aleksandr Kogan. The professor was found to have harvested more than 50 million Facebook profiles from his app, which required a Facebook login. The data firm reportedly used the information to create “psychographic” profiling tools, underpinning its work for the Trump campaign.


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