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In an article adapted from longtime Obama adviser Ben Rhodes’s new book “The World as It Is,” Rhodes recounts his experience with the former commander in chief in the days following the election, including Obama’s reaction to Trump’s win.

“So, that happened,” Obama said after Trump’s win, according to Rhodes.
Rhodes writes that Obama was “just like the rest of us — trying out different theories for what happened, trying to figure out what it meant, what it said about us as a country,” that Trump won.
Obama’s advice on “how to deal with Trump” according to Rhodes, was:  “Find some high ground, and hunker down.”

The article goes on to state the following about a statement Obama made as he was leaving the White House on the day of Trump’s inauguration:

“I came to see the presidency like a game of Pac-Man,” Obama told Rhodes at the time. “Sometimes I felt like I was just outrunning people, trying to avoid getting tripped up before I got to the end of the board.”

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