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A tone-deaf Rockland County town played “Dixie” — the de facto national anthem of the Confederacy — at a Fourth of July celebration, according to a report.

The song, which originated during the days of blackface minstrels and depicted slavery in a positive light, was played July 2 at Nanuet High School in Clarkstown along with Lee Greenwood patriotic numbers, the Journal News/ reported.

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“It was not deliberately picked,” Town Supervisor George Hoehmann told the news outlet. “It was selected by a Parks and Recreation Department employee who was unaware of its racial and historical context.”

Hoehmann said he ordered the department “to make sure songs are reviewed so this never happens again at town-sponsored events.”

The other pieces featured at the event included “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “God Bless America,” “America the Beautiful” and “This Land Is Your Land.”

One attendee, Valerie Mathews of Upper Nyack, said she was horrified when she heard the opening strains of “Dixie” — “I wish I was in the Land of Cotton.”

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