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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by CBSNEWS.COM:

Democrats have improved their standing in the fight for control of the House of Representatives. Our House model now shows the party poised to win 222 seats if the election were today, up from our estimate of 219 earlier this summer. The range on that estimate is plus or minus 11 seats, or 5% of House seats. It reflects the political reality that many contests are still toss-ups and that Republicans are still in a position to hold the House, if a less comfortable one. Even if Democrats’ seat gains are in the double digits, there are plausible scenarios in which Republicans hang on to control.

We surveyed voters across 57 key districts in the race for the House, gauging their preferences and estimating each party’s chances seat by seat. Donald Trump carried most of these districts in 2016; today, about 8 in 10 Trump voters support the Republican congressional candidate in their district. The rest mostly say they are not sure whom they would vote for – few choose the Democrat. Democrats’ advantage may well dissipate if these predominantly conservative voters eventually come home to the GOP, as many initially reluctant Trump voters did in 2016.

The article goes on to state the following:

The battleground map has changed over the summer, with several races shifting in Democrats’ favor. Democratic candidates have become more competitive in Republican-held seats around the country, many of which are open contests in heavily white districts that Trump carried in 2016. Several Republicans whom we did not previously consider vulnerable are now in danger of being voted out. And while Republicans’ chances have improved in some districts, only a handful of Democratic seats that Republicans have a chance of winning remain in play.

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  1. Chance of Dems taking over house majority has the same chance as Maxine Waters hugging Pres. Trump and saying you’re doing a great job.

  2. I hope the polls are the same ones that had Hillary as President. Anyone in their right mind would not vote for anyone who wants socialism and open borders. This the path that the democrats want us to take us down.

    • Sure, I hope so. We all have to go to vote RED. Don’t let this liberals take control of the House, other ways we are doomed and the only thing that they have in mind is impeach Trump!

  3. i actually consider who did the poll and figure it to be just like everything rlse cbs & cnn announce…another farce!

  4. CBS, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, NY Times, Boston Globe, WaPo are all political propagandists for the DNC now. Their polls will always show their political bias – just like they did in 2016. So far it’s actually looking grim for the Democrats because all they’re running on is their hate for a duly elected POTUS and his supporters, undoing tax reform, open borders and unvetted illegal immigration and doing away with immigration law enforcement, i.e. ICE. Republicans, Independents and Libertarians need to get out and vote in the mid-terms though because you know the Democrats realize that their very existence depends upon their left wing voters voting and the Constitutional Conservatives not voting.

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