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Pollsters Anna Greenberg and Dan Cox said on Monday that President Trump and Republicans are losing young, female voters to Democrats permanently.

“When you ask millennial women who are likely voters, about 65, 68 percent would actually vote for a Democrat in the generic congressional race, so that puts them as base Democratic voters,” Greenberg, who is a partner at Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner, told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball on “What America’s Thinking.”

“What we know is that in your coming of age years, from sort of your teens into your early 20s, have a profound, long-term impact on what your partisanship and voting patterns are for the rest of your life,” she continued.
“So, not only in this moment are these millennial women heavily, heavily Democratic, and heavily hostile to Trump, but it’s likely that they are going to sort of be the vanguard of, I think, the feminization of the Democratic Party,” she said.

The article goes on to state the following:

Pew Research Center study released earlier this year found that the number of women who identify with the Democratic Party rose from 54 percent in 2016 to 56 percent in 2017.
Increased support among women could give Democrats the leverage they need to make gains in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

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  1. Women voters do not know who or what they are voting for. They have no idea what is happening in the world today. If you ask them who the vice President is, most would say, I don’t know. Liberal teachers and professors are getting them to believe Socialism is the way to go. If the democrats take over, they won’t have to worry about anything. This will be a New World Order, Open Borders, Socialism/Communism. There will be two groups of people. Elite very rich, and poor. What they think will no longer matter. It will be too late.

    • Please don’t group us all together. There are many women out there that are idiots and don’t have a clue about the real world. Then there are those of us that have worked hard and get angry when these young indoctrinated idiots want us to give them everything we have worked hard for. I am also so tired of all the so called women being victims of everything, every where. They need to grow up and put on their big girl pants and ditch the diapers.
      I do pay attention to what the politicians not only say but how the act, vote and who they hang with. I have never been a democrat or republican as I don’t need a party telling me how to think or vote.

  2. I would suggest first not listening to “polls”. But also understand that the dems have always wanted to lower the voting age. Feinstein years ago promoted lowing the voting age to 14. This is because children with not yet developed brains will believe anything e.g. “I will give you a million dollars if you vote for me”. But then children grow up and their brains develop (in most cases) and they start voting conservatively.

  3. Consider the source from where the poll came from CBS News Poll and of course we all remember the 2016 presidential polls, not one gave Trump a chance and their are close to 4000 polls! I wish DML wouldn’t publish such foolishness, I guess though, maybe he is pointing out how foolish, college indoctrinated student socialist are about how politicians tell about all the free programs, but never tell about the 30% government sales tax and the 40 to 60% government income tax, that they will level on every one if they get control, to pay for the new free programs!

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