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In the latest backlash against current and former Trump administration officials, two history professors announced their resignations Monday from a public policy center after the University of Virginia hired President Donald Trump’s former legislative affairs director Marc Short.

“The appointment of Mr. Short [as a paid senior fellow] runs counter to the [Miller] Center’s fundamental values of nonpartisanship, transparency, openness, a passion for truth and objectivity, and civility,” professors Melvyn Leffler and William Hitchcock wrote in a July 30 letter to William Antholis, the UVA-affiliated center’s director.

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Their resignations come amid calls from several progressives to confront Trump officials, including from Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who called on supporters last month to tell Trump Cabinet members “they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Leffler and Hitchcock cited Short’s “ongoing attacks on a free media” and association with “rhetoric and policies that have empowered and emboldened white supremacists” as reasons for their resignation.

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  1. These history professors don’t really teach anything about American history. I’m sure they are teaching their students all about the Democrat history. Students today are brainwashed in all of these liberal universities.

    • Well now you know how to fix the leftist academic fiasco. Just hire a Trump supporter and all the snowflakes will melt and go away to their safe spaces or cry closets or just straight to hell.. Good riddance, bye, bye, so long, farewell, hasta lavista, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  2. Many other schools should do the same thing, hire a Republican to get opinions from both sides and if the liberals don’t like, that’s even better!!

  3. These people are bitter and stupid…hopefully the postions can be filled by bipartisan professors. 2 liberal professors down….a few thousand more to go.

  4. Apparently these professors do not understand “nonpartisan” or “think tank” ! Too many professors teach only one mentality and do not teach the students to look at all aspects/ ideas and approaches to an issue and make a decision for themself about issues. College is suppose to teach how to think and make decisons…..not what to think and hate those that think differently. These professors are setting a very poor example for the students and their collegues..

  5. Somebody needs to be teaching children about the things of history that others only rant and rave——Good that he was hired—at least maybe they can hear the truth

  6. Good riddins’ to the communist professors! Perhaps they can get a job working for the Clinton
    Foundation in Haiti. Better yet, why not consider Venezuela!

  7. I learned an acronym while in the Navy (40 years ago): AMFYOYO

    That is my response to the libturd professors who resigned. UVA is a far better place without the likes of them around.

  8. Those professors quit using faulty information which shows how pathetic they must have been at teaching. So, now there is a new way to bypass tenure that protects the worst loser teachers in our country – just put a Trump supporter in as their boss.

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