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If you are a heterosexual cisgendered person who only wishes to date heterosexual cisgendered people, then shame on you for dehumanizing transgenders and the non-binary, according to a recent article published in Psychology Today.

The article explores a study written by Karen L. Blair and Rhea Ashley Hoskins in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, which essentially chastises people as bigots for the sin of being attracted to a man who is an actual man or a woman who is an actual woman — while also arguing that the prevailing attitude contributes to the psychological harm of transgenderism.

The article goes on to state the following:

Blair and Hoskins asked nearly 1,000 participants what kind of partner they preferred between a cisgender woman, a cisgender man, a transgender woman, a transgender man or a person with a non-binary gender identification

Unsurprisingly, 87.5% of those polled said they prefer the first two options depending on which way they swing: Cisgender man or woman, respectively. Non-binary and transgender people were at the bottom and typically were only chosen by people who identified as bi-sexual, gay, or some other type of sexuality. For heteros, the results were other cisgender heteros. The authors find this deeply problematic and believe that attitudes need to change.

Twitter responded with sarcasm. Examples follow:

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  1. As a woman, when I roll over in the night, I want to know what is beside me is male….bred, born and raised. I don’t want a woman who thinks she is male. I don’t want a man who thinks he is female. I don’t want a person who doesn’t know from one minute to the next if they are going to be male or female in the next 15 seconds. If I want mental illness, I will choose one that doesn’t affect sexual preference.

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