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Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said on Monday that President Trump should concede the White House race to President-elect Joe Biden.

“I think he should concede. I think the race is over,” Murkowski told CNN.

The article goes on to state the following:

Spokespeople for Murkowski didn’t immediately respond to a question about her remarks. Murkowski, who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, has not disclosed if she voted for him in the 2020 presidential election earlier this month.

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  1. No surprise here! Did the people of Alaska need any fresh evidence? What a disgrace! Vote her out at the very next opportunity!

  2. Exactly vote her out an stop watching the fake news !! PRESIDENT TRUMP PLEASE DON’T CONCEDE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED YOU !!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  3. President Trump won this race and we are behind him. Why would Murkowski give into fraud. Hey maybe she’s part of it. She needs to be quiet and watch Trump prove the fraud!

  4. Fed up with Bull. The one who needs to concede is Biden. He and all the Democrats stole the election. The Democrats are the Communist Party of this country. What has happened in Venezuela is exactly what the want to do to this country. It’s time for the silent majority to wake up. Send them all packing.

  5. America and all over the world exactly how you been winning because using a Fraud election you are one using FRAUD Murkuski and fraud dominions

  6. Why should he concede anything???? He hasn’t lost and he won’t!!! What a bunch of traitors these people are!!!! That’s why the Republican Party is so weak and pathetic (with the exception of a few) and they don’t fight back they just cave! Thank God for Trump!

  7. I say never. Biden is not capable of performing his duties as president. He is incapable of holding a conversation with any foreign leader. Here is what I believe is about to happen under Biden and why Trump should never concede. Biden will either be thrown under the bus, so to speak once he has served his purpose. His inadequacies are so transparent that he will soon be discarded, impeached, or die of unnatural causes made to look like natural causes. I believe Obama will come out of his shadow government and take control. Everyone assumes there will be our government as it is now but with Biden. They assume we will still have a Senate and a House of Representatives and we will still have elections Wrong guess. The Socialist Dems are all about destroying the Constitution. The NWO is just another way of saying Global. Communism. Obama was aching to have someone suggest he run for a third term. I do recall him hinting at it. He just needed a little more time to finish us off. Then Trump came along and fixed all of his dirty deeds and so when he left he tailed Trump incessantly. He even went to foreign countries meeting with dignitaries as though he still were the president. He made undignified remarks about Trump while he was there. I whole heartedly agree with Carolyn Bispels. If the election were above board and not a big cheat on many levels I would not be happy but I would say yes to a concession, but in as much as we are fighting to keep America Free from Socialism and since we are fighting for our lives and freedoms I say NEVER!!!!!!!!

  8. There are going to be many a Republican caught in the trap set by President Trump and his backers! This will be played out to the end where President Trump will be victorious. It’s just a cat and mouse game now. Almost feel bad for some of these traitors! Buckle up gonna be a rough couple of months friends!

  9. Potus will never agree to concede at this point. There is too much to lose and new abnormalaties are appearing every day. Stay strong and focused for President Trump. I will not give up or give in to these cesspool rats and neither should anyone else. If we do, we will never see another honest election..

  10. The Republican Party is a disgrace. Trump always said during his rallies he gave kudos to the Dems for being so united. So freaking sad.

  11. Each and every Republican that says this is part of the scam. That’s how I see it. Your with us or your against us..

  12. Rebecca, I completely agree with you. There’s just one more thing I think is going to happen if our President doesn’t stick with this. We will never HAVE to vote again because the Democrats will decide voting will no long exist! There will only be a democratic party and they will just elect whomever THEY want! No more cheating with the voting machines because they’ll just decide for us. We don’t matter to them anymore. This sham of an election showed their true color. BLUE!

  13. Surprise Trump own party stabs him in the back ! Republicans are weak it’s clear to see . There no way Biden got that many votes out did any president . Still nothing to explain those spikes. Seem to me either these people are that dumb or they can’t do simple math. People are saying they never even voted ! I got 3 ballots by mail never used one I went in person and voted ! Let them get away with this crap soon they will use it to win every election! Also big push and rush for Biden little odd to me ! My guess is Trump is getting close to things this why Crybaby Chuck want push it more now to . Also odd Democrats have no interest in if it fraud or not weird . Add it all up something not right !

  14. I think she’s coming up up for re-election in 2022. That’s where the focus should be. You want to know how we can help? Take action…..look up when these RHINOs come up for re-election and do an campaign not to re-elect. Keep a list (thanks AOC) and move forward on not re-electing the RHINOS on that list. She already said this like weeks ago….why has she come back and said this again? A reminder she needs her walking papers….STAT! She must be getting paid off too.

  15. How could anyone in their right mind want Biden and Harris as our country’s leaders knowing how corrupt their party is with the election fraud and ballot harvesting tactics that they are apparently involved in since they are denying the fraud/mishandling of this election. Murkowski is a turncoat RINO who needs replaced in 2022!!

  16. Due to her temerity (cowardice) during the kavanaugh hearings she forced Collins to up vote him. She almost cost the Republicans the senate. Collins was fortunately able to squeak out a win in ME.

  17. We Have been trying for a long time to vote her out. like a bad penny some how keeps coming back. I sure did not put her in there. Maybe after this the rest of Alaskans will wake up and see the BS she has been spreading for years.

  18. I hope someone is keeping a list of all Republicans who are telling President Trump to concede and all who are not speaking out in support of President Trump. I want to make sure every single one of them are listed, and given to the American people. You are either for the good of America or the evil!! There is no inbetween!! Speak up or shut up!!


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