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Lawmakers who went to the White House for a meeting to discuss trade Wednesday were pulled into the drama of his surprise announcement of an agreement with Europe on tariffs.

Senators who spoke with ABC News after the meeting said they had no idea they were about to walk into a Rose Garden announcement on tariffs with the European Union but they welcomed the news, saying they hoped it would lead to additional deals with other countries locked in a trade war with the U.S.

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Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said the last-minute stagecraft, in which President Donald Trump announced an agreement in principle on trade along with European Commission president Jean-Claude Junker, was taking shape even as the Republican House and Senate members were arriving at the White House.

“The word that we got from staff was, as it was coming together, [Trump] was saying, ‘OK, what’s the next meeting?’ And they said, ‘Mr. President, the next meeting is with senators and House members,’ and he said, ‘well just bring them on out to hear this because they’ll want to hear it.’”

“So we literally stepped outside to the colonnade area to be able to hear it, at the same time a lot of the staff were hearing it because it had just been inked inside,” he added.

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