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Russia said on Wednesday that it had fulfilled its pledge to Israel to have Iranian forces pull back from Syrian territory close to the Israeli border.

The presence of Iranian troops and their proxies in areas close to the Israel-occupied Golan Heights has been one of Israel’s main security concerns and threatened to become a flashpoint for a broader regional conflagration.

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly lobbied Moscow, the Syrian regime’s main foreign backer, to use its influence over Damascus to convince the Iranians to agree to withdraw from the area.

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“The Iranians withdrew and the [Shia] formations are not there,” TASS Russian news agency quoted Alexander Lavrentiev, President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to Syria as saying on Wednesday.

Lavrentiev said Iranian service personnel whom he described as advisors could be among Syrian army forces who remain closer to the Israeli border.

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“But there are no units of heavy equipment and weapons that could pose a threat to Israel at a distance of 85km from the line of demarcation,” Lavrentiev said.

He did not elaborate on when the agreement was forged or for how long.

“The agreement is still in effect. Iranian forces have actually been withdrawn from [the southern de-escalation zone in Syria] in order not to irritate the Israeli administration, which has increased the number of attacks on Iranian sites in this territory,” Lavrentyev said.

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