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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) appeared to challenge GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) to a primary race in 2022 after the senator voted against pushing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court through to a final vote.

“Hey @LisaMurkowski – I can see 2022 from my house…” Palin tweeted at the senator, whose term ends in 2023.

Palin’s remark used a years-old misquote seized on by comedian Tina Fey in her portrayal of Palin on a 2013 “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which Fey, as Palin, quipped, “I can see Russia from my house.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Murkowski was the only Republican senator to vote against a Friday measure to end debate on Kavanaugh’s nomination. Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) was the only Democrat to vote “yes.”

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  1. Why’d she vote no? What more “debate” do these people need? It serves no purpose other than to stop the confirmation vote…………Does anyone else see what’s really going on here? This has nothing to do with the baseless sexual assaults Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of doing…this all has everything to do with stopping President Trump. Why weren’t these congress”people” this bold when Obama was pushing all his ridiculous and dangerous crap down their throats? For instance, the health care bill…”you’ve got to pass it to read it”……How suddenly courageous they’ve all gotten.

    • Patty you are so right. We would have an entirely different country today if the Republicans had questioned Obama’s use of the use of his phone and his pen. That quote will live on long after Pelosi is gone. There is not a single word coming from her mouth that I can take serious.
      Today’s President has said many things that were not popular with the Democrat/Communists but he if always and foremost looking out for us and our country.

    • Because Murkowski is a D hiding behind an R. Haven’t you noticed on big crucial votes how she jumps ship? This is all a nasty political ruse like the Russia deal. I have never in my 69 years seen such corrupt, deceptive behavior from a political party. Both sides have issues, but the D’s win for deception and corruption against the American people. Sick!

    • she voted that way because she doesn’t want the aboriginal community to be angry with her. she got her orders before she left. I hope Sarah does run against her. she at least won’t be intiminated by anyone. she will do what is right. and Murkowski will be sorry.

    • Murkowski let identity politics creep into the fray regarding her NO vote as evidenced by her speech. She felt the true Alaskan natives would not only be upset with her vote but acknowledged that Kavanaugh swayed towards not segregating and identifying people by their race.

    • Cuz she got threatened by the number 2 beast DiFi – probably bribed too. We all know who number 1 is….

  2. It sounds like she was frightened or bullied by that Alien Feinstein. She looked so scared in that picture of Feinstein pinning her against the wall. She needs resign or if she won’t then Alaskans need vote her out.

  3. Sarah P is always so cool and totally not a pushover! She would have fought Feinstein. McCain would have been a terrible President, but she would have made a wonderful VP.

  4. We see who Flake and the flakier mulkowski are. The attention they crave is given them as ‘holdouts’. Flake wants to make a last splash but only has managed to be notorious. Mulkowski will continue to embarrass herself until 2023. Unless Alaska finds a way to recall her so the state can have honorable representation.

  5. She said she would consider “everything” before she voted…and she did not vote based on factual evidence + qualifications but rather on her feelings and political agenda. Not an Alaskan, but I certainly prefer Sarah Palin’s honesty and courage to Murkowski’s politicization of the process!

  6. Sarah Palin can see a 2022 primary from her house. I can see Sarah Palin organizing a Murkowski impeachment in 2019.

  7. Listening to Murkowski right now, WAITING,,something about the Alaskan Indians, she has a high bar for the appointment of SCOTUS NO

  8. There Are Just Some People That Has Dirt For Brains. Her Buying Into All The Lies About Judge Kavanaugh Proves It. This Whole Mess Has Just About Destroyed The Democratic Party. We Are So Glad That Judge Kavanaugh Will Be Nominated.

  9. Ich bin nicht der Orrt Sie Informationen, aber good Thema.
    I muss verbringen einige Zeiit Lernen viel mdhr oder herauszufinden mehr.
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  10. Hopefully, in 2022, we can sing to Murkowski: Na, na, na, na – – Na, na, na, na – – Na, na, na – – GOODBYE!
    Go for it Sara!!!

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