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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tore into President Trump’s allies in a new Washington Post op-ed, calling those who have criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller in recent days a “desperate” and “miserable crew.”

In the op-ed, the former GOP lawmaker and “Morning Joe” host called out the “sycophants” who appeared in a Fox News segment that Trump touted this week to criticize an FBI raid on his lawyer’s office.

It is important to note that the article goes on to state the following:

“The president’s response to the Michael Cohen search, duly authorized by an independent federal judge, was to reflexively trash law-enforcement officers, undermine the rule of law and slander a Vietnam War hero who has committed his adult life to the service of America,” Scarborough writes, referring to Mueller’s service in Vietnam.

Scarborough started out his op-ed by declaring:

These are desperate times for the quislings of Trump. The cost of collaborating with President Trump in the continued debasement of American democracy is becoming far too high. Fifteen months into his presidency, Trump has seen a national security adviser, a former campaign chairman, a foreign policy adviser and another high-ranking campaign official face charges of serious crimes. This week, the president must have felt the walls closing in even more tightly around him when FBI agents searched the home, office and hotel room of his longtime personal lawyer, whom associates call Trump’s “fixer.”

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