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Published by SUNTIMES.COM
Two days before most of the school janitors’ union planned a strike vote, the union says Chicago Public Schools officials agreed Thursday to hire 200 more custodians to tackle dirty schools.

Union leaders reached a new three-year contract with CPS that includes provisions to hire the janitors this summer to do deep cleanings of schools, according to the union, SEIU Local 1.

It is important to note that the article goes on to state the following:

CPS said 100 of them will remain in the fall and that all the hirings will cost $7 million.

According to the Chicago Sun Times report, there are 1,700 privately employed janitors who clean the city’s public schools. Additionally, the school district directly employs another 825 janitors.

The Chicago Sun-Times has documented filthy conditions in schools where the custodians are managed by Aramark, a private contractor for CPS. Of 125 schools examined in “blitz” cleanliness inspections, 91 failed.

Janitors have said they can’t keep up with cleaning schools because Aramark and another company that oversees additional facilities work, SodexoMAGIC, cut too many of them since taking over in 2014. They had asked for 500 more janitors to clean the schools.

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