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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asserted this week that President Trump is unable to distinguish between arguments that Russia interfered in the election and accusations that his campaign was in contact with Russia’s government.

Graham told The Washington Post for a story published Saturday that Trump’s inability to distinguish between the two assertions is based on his concerns that any acknowledgement of Russia’s role in the 2016 election undercut his legitimacy as president.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The biggest problem is that he believes meddling equals collusion,” Graham said. “Nobody else believes that. I think he’s very sensitive about going there because he thinks it undercuts his legitimacy.”

Trump faced sharp criticism from members of his own party, including Graham’s top ally in the Senate, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), after he appeared to side with Russian President Vladimir Putin against the assessment of his own intelligence agencies on the scope of Russia interference in 2016.

McCain and other lawmakers sternly rebuked Trump over the remarks, with the Arizona senator calling Trump’s performance “disgraceful.”

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  1. The Potus is doing the best he knows how..why can’t they just leave him alone…nothing is going to happen unless God wants it to happen..get a life. All of you.

  2. Lindsey is another ignorant out of touch Rhino speaking for us and we resent that. ALL of the Democrats and Never Trumpers believe that meddling and collusion equals one and the same.

    To top it off Mr Graham, you and your ilk have more clearly supported the sleazy, sold-out-for-Clinton, compromised, conflict of interest swamp rats & Deep State in the FBi and other branches of DOJ etc and so we don’t trust you either!

    Trump isn’t stupid and he is hopefully to old of a dog to “train” to be a dumb mule.

  3. I think that the President very clearly differentiates the issues. It is the MSM & Establishment who conflate them. THEY, are the entities creating the roadblocks to his implementing the full compliment of his MAGA Agenda. THEY, stand to loose the most when these indictments come down, are mixing it all up to: confuse Americans, and foment apathy! We, are part of the President’s, and our Constitution’s Defense System! Stay engaged, connected, share DML’s aggregated news stories, and do the same in your spheres of influence. Then, we’ll whoop ’em in November, whoop ’em in ’20, on be on the road to setting the stage for another great candidate for President in ’24! You be ready by then, DML?

  4. Lindsay Graham is just making light of the problem. That’s not the president’s biggest problem at all. Lindsay Graham, the RINO, is even just a small part of his problems with the Mueller witch hunt that continues unabashedly.

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