DML News brings you the following information from Dallas Morning News:

The disabled daughter of a former Lucas City Council member was completely dependent on her parents for her care, his former colleagues said days after he was found hanged and the 26-year-old was strangled in an apparent murder-suicide at their Collin County home.

Donald Zriny, 58, was known as a devoted father to daughter Amanda Zriny, said former Lucas Mayor Rebecca Mark.

Amanda Zriny was born with disabilities, according to court records. A doctor described her condition as “profound global developmental delay and mental retardation.”

The article went on to state the following:

Records show [Lourdes Zriny, Amanda’s mother] made the frantic 911 call Sunday evening, telling the operator through tears, “My husband killed my daughter!”

“Who killed your daughter?” the operator asked.

“My husband, and he just hung himself!” she said.

Outsiders remembered Amanda as being well-taken care of, always smiling and neatly dressed, the reports said.

Lourdes couldn’t be reached for comment on Tuesday.