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A woman invited to sing that national anthem at an upcoming Reno Aces baseball game, has turned down the offer saying she will not sing until the team respects the fans’ Second Amendment rights.

Arizona minor league baseball team, the Reno Aces, invited Alishia Wolcott, a 2016 graduate of the University of Nevada at Reno, to perform the national anthem during an upcoming game this season. However, the woman refused the offer when she found out that the team has banned legally carried concealed weapons at the ballpark.

It is important to note that the article goes on to state the following:

“I WILL NOT sing our National Anthem at a place that seeks to strip me of my second amendment rights!!!” Wolcott said on Twitter, Tuesday:

Wolcott also posted an open letter in the Reno Gazette explaining her decision, saying she was honored to be chosen to sing the National Anthem, but upon arriving for the game and discovering that every attendee had to go through a metal detector and noting that people were being checked for guns, Wolcott said she and her husband just walked away.

As a result of this, I will not sing our national anthem at a place that seeks to strip me of my Second Amendment rights, nor will I be attending any future events at the Aces’ ballpark while these things take place. The actions you have taken have now placed you as part of the fact that this song — this beautiful expression of our freedoms and our rights — is about a country that is slowly ceasing to exist. Little by little, every single day, more and more is being done to chip away at our freedoms — the ones so valiantly fought for as referenced in our anthem.

I must also tell you, I spent much time thinking about how I would decline this opportunity. I heavily considered the idea of sharing my thoughts in the microphone at the game (a sort of Colin Kaepernick style protest) — telling the fans why it is I am refusing to sing. But I have too much respect for the national anthem and the time dedicated for it. I just cannot be the one to perform it in this venue.

Wolcott has posted an audition video on YouTube:

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