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Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s (D-Mass.) husband, Conan Harris, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is exhibiting mild symptoms, her office said on Wednesday.

The congresswoman has tested negative but remains in isolation as a precautionary measure.

The article goes on to state the following:

“As my colleagues and I sought shelter from the white supremacist mob that violently attacked our seat of government, we were greeted by a different threat—one posed by my callous Republican colleagues who, in this crowded and confined space, repeatedly refused to wear masks when offered,” she said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Pressley continued to lash out against Republicans in her statement, saying, “Their arrogant disregard for the lives of others is infuriating, but not surprising, and we are seeing the consequences of it daily, as several of my colleagues—and now my husband—test positive for COVID-19.”

On Tuesday, referring to the day of the Capitol invasion on Jan. 6, she tweeted, “The second I realized our “safe room” from the violent white supremacist mob included treasonous, white supremacist, anti masker Members of Congress who incited the mob in the first place, I exited. Furious that more of my colleagues by the day are testing positive.”

Responding to a CBS News story about her plight, Pressley tweeted on Wednesday, “Thank you for your notes of care and concern. I’m deeply frustrated my husband & staff were put in this position. We’re thinking of all the families across the nation impacted by COVID & the Jan 6 attack. We won’t stop fighting for accountability & relief.”

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  1. OMG – a black supremest who can’t take responsibility for her own & her husbands health issues. Always pointing the finger elsewhere, because only white people could be at fault. Seriously? WTF is wrong with these bitches?

  2. Blah blah blah. Nanzi exposed everyone to COVID with her speakership vote before any “riot” you loon. Blame your own kind, loser.

  3. I wish they recovery or very mild symptoms but pray tell…which republican has it? Oh, that’s right..none of ’em. lol *sigh*

  4. They always looking to blame someone else. Tell her ugly ass to go talk to ugly ass boss who let the infected one’s in to vote for her speaker job.

  5. Awh, thats too bad he probably got it when he was down at the bar while the rest of us are quarentineing every day with masks and cancelling holidays and not able to bury our loved ones who died alone. And who have gone without pay checks while you piss around on capitol hill with OUR lives.How does that feel You POS cry baby?

  6. The science says it takes about 10-14 days after exposure to show covid symptoms, Princess Cueball. Jumping to conclusions, are we?

  7. I have been hearing a lot of things from these lefty’s the past week and just when I thought they could not get any dumber, they surprise me.

  8. I believe we should have an election fraud hearing before we have another impeachment hearing because they committed a crime against the conservative tax payers and the dead. Biden confessed to it on social media I have it recorded. We wouldn’t want those little criminals to get away with fraud.And that mafia momma Nancy Pelosi is already ripping us off buying Cadillac ice cream for her $2400.00 refrigerator. And good lord Biden couldn’t run a dog kennel much less a country. He will not be a legal president because he committed a crime doing personal dealings with China and the Ukraine for his son while vice president thats illegal and using air force two to fly over there on our tax money for Hunter.Democrats are the scum of Washington. They used Trump to keep the sheep from watching what crime they were up too.

  9. Try finding the person behind the release of the virus in this country. The all the failures of Russian Collusion hoax Ukraine call lies Impeachment lies that a virus magically appears to use against Trump. Someone in this country is behind it. It is how corrupt government is and they know it. It’s why we elected President Donald J Trump.

  10. Do you think you are are special? No, you are not. You are no better than the next citizen. I could care less you tested positive.
    So have a lot of others. Deal with it.

  11. P..S what and who will they blame when Trump is gone surely not each other those darling little angels who thinks they own Washington for 50 years If you are any politician but a Democrat you cannot be president. What happened in Washington was set off because of voter fraud not Trump own it God rest those who were injured. Or killed but they were fighting for what is owed them and what they believed in.No conservative that was killed or police were killed by a conservative gun.

  12. P..S what and who will they blame when Trump is gone surely not each other those darling little angels who thinks they own Washington for 50 years If you are any politician but a Democrat you cannot be president. What happened in Washington was set off because of voter fraud not Trump own it democrats. Rest in piece those who were killed but they were fighting for what is owed them and what they believed in.No one that was killed or police that were killed by a conservative gun.But the young lady conservative was shot in the neck by a police officer and she had no weapon why? Can I hear white lives matter .

  13. God Bless the Dead. Especially the young veteran lady that died from being shot by an armed cop and she had no weapon. “”WHITE LIVES MATTER TOO”” ESPECIALLY A VETERAN.

  14. Trump supporters are not White Supremacists, and those who make such a claim have zero credibility. Next she’ll be blaming Trump for her husband’s chlamydia.

  15. That heifer was around the positive representative that poo poo pelosi brought on house floor to get another vote for speaker. I’m telling you- they will NOT accept responsibility for one damn thing in their lives!

  16. Lol Random Citizen ! She rushed up in there to vote with the infected people because pigosi told her to but let’s not blame her because that’s a white behind she kisses lol.
    Seriously the president wants his supporters calm and told us he has troops to stop things by any means necessary. Dang did he just tell us martial law ??? We as his supporters are told don’t do anything

  17. I just lost my stepfather 2 days ago to Covid and m 80 year old Mother has it and I blame damn China!! Sit your ass down and STHU!

  18. Ayanna , your a racist and apparently your husband, wasn’t following the guidelines. Pot calling the kettle black🤪as the saying goes!!

  19. If your dumb ass tested negative for the virus , how the hell did anyone make your freaking husband sick. You are dumb as hell. If you want to stay well and you are so terrified of this virus , keep your stupid ass home. If not , get it or don’t get it. Take the chance. Stupid ignoramous!don’t blame other folks because your husband is sick.

  20. Why was he at the Capital? Was it bring your spouse to work day?
    Idiot; he got it from somewhere, any ideas what he was out doing? Think about it.

  21. Well Pelosi called them back to include someone with COVID so the vote for speaker could be done. I need proof from her and Japell or however you spell her name about these COVID accusations they made. I imagine they didn’t here BLM using the words liberal supremacist.

  22. Miss A. P., Be that grown up woman that you are – take responsibilty and accountability for your own actions. Don’t blame or point your finger to the Republican colleagues for your Covid. Remember when you point your finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you. WAKE UP!


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