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Until business interests weighed in, the grassroots organization Floridians for E-Verify Now was just one vote away from placing on the 2018 ballot a state constitutional amendment that would have required the state legislature to mandate E-Verify for employers. But a coalition led by a billionaire GOP contributor waged a campaign of misinformation and outright lies that persuaded the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission to deny the measure.

Numbers USA explained that, during the last month, state legislators on the Commission demanded that the proposal be amended to just consider E-Verify legislation, in lieu of a constitutional mandate.

Next, “70 business and political leaders, led by billionaire GOP contributor Mike Fernandez, wrote the Commission in opposition to Proposition 29. Many within the coalition came from agricultural, tourism and construction interests that benefit from the labor of illegal aliens.”

The coalition wrote, “We ask that you Vote No on Proposal 29. The Proposal would be devastating and costly to Floridian businesses and workers.  Moreover, constitutionally requiring reliance on a yet to be created and untested process would open the door to discriminatory practices by employers that would harm vulnerable communities.”

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