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The California Assembly will take up a controversial bill this week that would require publicly traded California companies to include women on their boards of directors.

SB826, which is opposed by many business groups, would make California the first state with such a mandate, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The article goes on to state the following:

State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, the bill’s author, said it’s important for businesses to have a perspective from women — and time to “blow that glass ceiling up.”

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  1. Require? What? Women aren’t smart enough and bold enough to get there themselves? What a slap in the face for women. Yeah, at one time, you know, back in the 1950s, we needed that, but today? Heck no. Women today are bold and smart, and have been out in the business world in leadership roles. But then, that’s California for you. I guess the women in California haven’t gotten the memo that women no longer need a crutch to be out in the public arena. This stupid act in California is all about women being weak, can’t do anything for themselves, so they need someone to do it for them. What a laugh. Those California women should get out of California and see how women in other states are so much stronger than them. We don’t need legislation to say we’re smart. We don’t need some weak-minded Democrats telling us we are weak and stupid. We like the challenge of getting out there in the race and winning all by ourselves, not with some handicap to help us. What a pity that California has fallen down so low.

  2. It’s the same for all minorities (except women are the majority) such that the alt-left thinks they know best how to shepherd the helpless, weak women and other minorities.

    Disgusting. My 94 year old mother started her own successful business without any help from the woosy libs.

  3. Sick and tired of hearing about women wanting to be in and above everything and accepted and chosen for everything they want whether they qualify or not. What about the medical field???
    My son is white, 48 yrs old, American born. He was laid off from his job of ten years two years ago. He went to school to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Never even got an interview, even the place he did his externship did not hire him and they had 14 openings at the time. He got one of the highest scores possible on his Nursing Board exam, was 1st in his class, is nice looking, clean cut (no tats) caring and hard working. He visited some places in person and was told, WE DON’T HIRE MEN for these positions. He decided to try and get hired by Fresenius and Davita, dialysis companies thinking that it was not as personal as wiping women’s butts. He was told they only hire PCT’s (patient Care Technicians) He was out of savings now so I paid for him to take the $2,000 course. Again he was #1 in his class, again he does not even get an interview. He did 160 hours externship at a large local hospital who are constantly hiring Nurse Assts and PCT’s. Even advertise they will accept new grads. He has not been hired, now over 250 applications later he is still unemployed and living with me. The medical field is ONLY for women and minorities. An HR person at a local hospital told him that if he was a minority or a woman he would have been hired on his first application.
    Do I care about ‘pussy hat’ wearing skanks protesting, do I care about any woman in any field of work. NO NO NO NO. Have you ever seen a middle aged, white male nursing assistant in a medical facility/hospital. You won’t….
    My son loves what he has learned to do and just wants a chance to work in the field he wants to be in. He loves helping people…..IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WILL GIVE MY SON A CHANCE TO DO WHAT HE LOVES IN THE MEDICAL FIELD????? Talk about discrimination?….. the only discrimination going on in this country is against middle aged white American men.

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