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An elected official in Oregon who has been a Republican for four decades announced that she is becoming a Democrat because of the Trump administration.

Lori Stegmann, who has served as Multnomah County commissioner since 2016, told The Oregonian in an interview that she has changed her political affiliation.

The article goes on to state the following:

“[I] cannot condone the misogyny, the racism, and the unethical and immoral behavior of the current administration,” Stegmann said.

Stegmann, a small business owner and insurance agent, describes herself as a political moderate, according to The Oregonian. She said that the Democratic Party is a “big tent party.”

”I have not changed, but the Republican Party most certainly has,” she said.

She added that the separations of thousands of migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Trump‘s “zero tolerance” immigration policy also prompted her to become a Democrat. Stegmann was born in South Korea and adopted by American parents.

Now a naturalized citizen, she told The Oregonian that Trump’s portrayal of immigrants as dangerous to the U.S. economy is “false.”

“I think people need to see we’re all immigrants,” she said.

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  1. Her argument is false, she is a democrat and former RINO. Oragon has become an extension of California.

  2. She is wrong, it does have a negative impact when it is done wrong, we have laws for a reason and if she believes we shouldn’t follow the law she shouldn’t have her job period, same goes for all in government, and judges. And if Trump didn’t have zero tolerance this would never end.

  3. Get real, the only people being discriminated against these days are middle aged white males. This idiot
    was never a real Republican obviously.

    • Nailed it! That’s exactly why she did it. Where was she when the Obama administration was doing the very same thing? Exactly! It’s all about the votes. She’s full of crap!

  4. Seems to me she is a RINO….Her mindset is purely DEMOCRAT with that kind of Stupid language!! Good Bye!!

  5. It took four decades for her to be brainwashed by the media and liberal elite in a state that was already lost reason and common sense in the direction of this country. Her reasoning is absurd, her direction misled and her opinion insignificant.

  6. Excuse me, but where was she when the Obama administration was doing the separating of families at the border? Children are separated from the parent if the parent is a criminal, the one posing as the parent is not the child’s actual parent and in fact, has been engaged in child pornography, sex trafficking, etc. They are removed from the parent if there is apparent signs of abuse, neglect, etc. Why not try talking to the agents who sit on that border? They talk about what medical attention they give, things the children need, toys they buy them…sometimes at their own expense. These “politicians” who make all these claims against the Trump administration make these generalized accusations with nothing concrete to back it up. I don’t know who this woman is, but clearly she either has no clue who the Democratic party of today is, she’s been brainwashed by the mainstream news media or she’s just wanting to get her name in the news. Most of the clear headed thinking Democrats are actually removing themselves from their party. It’s sad to say, but this state is becoming more liberalized and getting just as crazy as parts of California. What would the pioneers who first settled there think?

  7. not true an other fake news she is not a republicain she used that for political reasons paid by the corrupted demorats

  8. Sooo, shes against Trump. Thats ok. but to call ALL Republicans names?? This story smells.
    AND THIS is what Really pisses me off. Misogyny, racism and unethical and immoral behavior of Trumps adm, but she was okay with Obama? Hold on. Let me see if Ive got this straight.
    It took the bimbo 40 years to figure out she wants to be a liar and disingenuous, like the democrats?
    Wow, is she dense or what? LOL Well, sfor sure, hes a liar, so that would mean shes been a democrat all along. These low down scum suckers that sneak in as a Rep and turn out to be a Democrat, are lower than a snakes belly and…that needs to stop right now. She would lose as a Rep. but might win as a democrat. Shes a lower either way.

  9. It always astounds me when a person says she is not in sinc with The Trump Administration over the handling of the illegals, strictly speaking, separation of children from parents. Why do the Democrats act like this policy was not in effect during the Obama Administration and handled the same exact way. Just because the media does not relate or report on it the same is a strictly bias media. Our government has now been tasked to make sure that the children are actually to progeny (children) of the illegals claiming to be the parents. It has been shown that in many cases the children are kidnapped or given to others to be shields for illegals coming into the US. It is the unhinged left who are pushing the narrative that these children are being mistreated. What is being offered to these children is new clean clothes, balance meals, medical attention, education and psychological counseling.
    This is a far better situation that letting them go live in a cell with an illegal cartel member who is not their parent. If these so called Progressive Democrats are so worried why don’t they take legal responsibility for some of these children and bring them into their homes? I am sick and tired of the Democrats, blaming President Trump, making media out of everything but doing nothing. Where is their big immigration reform? They have had the opportunity for years to pass it but have not. It would not behoove them to pass more legislation, like Obama Care, that does not work and leaves us in the same predicament that we are currently in with millions of illegals who are not citizens, do not want citizenship, and live off of the hard working US taxpayers.

  10. No Democrat has been elected in that county in a really long time, she’s just another delusional Demwit

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