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The information below was sent to me from the people at WalletHub. Click the link below for more information on the report.

With Tax Day fast approaching and the new tax code taking effect this year, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its 2019 Tax Burden by State report as well as accompanying videos, along with its 2019 Tax Facts infographic.

In order to determine which states tax their residents most aggressively, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on the three components of state tax burden — property taxes, individual income taxes, and sales and excise taxes — as a share of total personal income.

NEW YORK is the worst in terms of burden.  Alaska is the least burdensome.

4.6 million fewer taxpayers will get a federal tax refund this year. The average refund in 2019 is $2,957, as of 3/15/2019.

Nearly one-third of people (31%) say their biggest Tax Day fear is making a math mistake on their taxes, topping not having enough money (28%), identity theft (24%) and getting audited (17%).

36% of Americans would move to a different country and 24% would get an “IRS” tattoo for a tax-free future.

50% of people would rather do jury duty than their taxes. 1 in 5 would prefer talking to their kids about sex. More than 10% would swim with sharks, spend the night in jail and drink expired milk.

To view the full report and your state’s rank, please visit:

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  1. I live in Florida… Retired from school system, single, SS, own home, on Medicare and own car. My son just did my taxes(I have two math intellects). I’m paying a $1000 less than last year in taxes (It’s still in 1000’s). My property tax runs about $1500 each year. I will say, the FL retirement system gets an A+ when I was teaching. It has made some changes, but not familiar with them at this point.

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