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Bursts of immigration can cut the number of job opportunities available to previous residents, a recently released paper argues.

Paper authors Jason Anastasopoulos, George Borjas, Gavin Cook, and Michael Lachanski take advantage of a commonly used index of job openings to track the way in which several bursts of immigration from Cuba affected employment in the city of Miami. They find across three waves of immigration that job openings declined for several years following each wave, indicating that the arriving migrants are filling jobs previously available to native-born individuals.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Our evidence consistently indicates that immigration-induced supply shocks are typically followed by a short-run period of slackness in the local labor market, as measured by the number of advertised job openings. The labor market, however, tends to recover after a few years,” they conclude.

They further find that the jobs being advertised and subsequently filled tend towards the lower end of the skills spectrum. This is a byproduct of the low-skilled or skilled-discounted status of the immigrants who arrived from Cuba in the analyzed timed periods.

 These findings may not seem surprising to the average reader, but in fact contribute to an ongoing academic controversy over whether or not low-skilled immigration has any impact on wages or employment. Indeed, the choice to analyze Miami is no accident, as the immigrant-filled metropolis has been at the center of the immigration debate for almost 30 years.

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