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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich urged the Supreme Court on March 2 to affirm that his state’s electoral integrity laws were consistent with the federal Voting Rights Act and should be upheld.

The case Arizona’s top prosecutor argued is actually two consolidated cases: Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Arizona Republican Party v. DNC.

The article goes on to state the following:

Although the justices peppered counsel for Arizona and the state’s Republican Party with at-times hostile-sounding questions, members of the Supreme Court seemed receptive to their arguments. Except for the more liberal members, the justices did not seem convinced that Arizona’s election laws violated the Voting Rights Act.

Now Democrats are calling for the Supreme Court to be “reformed.”

Brian Fallon, co-founder of progressive group “Demand Justice” declared in a Twitter post, “We must reform the Supreme Court or else it will continue rigging our democracy and disenfranchising Black and brown voters.”

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  1. The entire election was a complete fraud. That alienated 330M people. This shall not be tolerated ever and must be fought until every option is examined.

  2. The whole election was a big fat fraud by the Democrat party. They will find every avenue to lie, cheat and steal their way to the presidency, congress and the Supreme Court! They will try to pack the SC so that every suit filed goes their way and there is no real democracy!,We need to demand that our elections are fair, correct and that each vote is verified! No mail in ballots and only one Election Day. Not multiple election days where more and more votes suddenly appear (with all of them for the Democrat unsurprisingly)!!!

  3. The supreme court is a shame and a disgrace for the citizens and the country. First decided not to look at the the claims of fraud not even look at the evidences and now this? It seems that the conservatives judges are also Rinos! If this continues and we can’t get the election laws change future elections will be a joke!

  4. The voters who were disenfranchised in the last election were the black, brown, red, yellow, and white voters who voted for Donald Trump — probably about 80 million strong, since Dominion machines only weighted out votes at 80 percent, and possibly millions were “adjudicated” from the president to the usurper. The disenfranchised certainly did not include Biden voters, whose votes were weighted 120 percent and were inflated by perhaps millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots!

  5. There is absolutely no where to turn for justice.. Where does this leave the American people? I grew up with the knowledge that justice for the most part is fair.. They are hurting the good of America and Americans..for now where do we turn?

  6. Why are we asking the Supreme Court to do anything? The states are sovereign we decide what our laws are.
    It’s time we took back our power.

  7. The judges are bought ,scared , threatened. They have no spine. They need to outed. They are no better than FBI.


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