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The Supreme Court on Monday rejected the last of former President Donald Trump’s election challenges.

The court turned away the case in which Trump questioned Wisconsin election procedures in an unsigned order. The decision marks the end of a flood of litigation appealed to the high court after Trump lost the 2020 election to President Biden. Trump, throughout his final days in office, frequently lashed out at the Supreme Court, calling the body “totally incompetent” when it turned away his other appeals.

The article goes on to state the following:

When the court pushed off consideration of all election litigation until after Biden’s inauguration, it signaled that it would not seriously consider Trump’s after-the-fact attempts to tip the election in his favor. And once Biden was in office, it proceeded to throw out most of the major cases that Trump and his allies had submitted for consideration.

Justice Clarence Thomas did scold his colleagues in a dissent he wrote for another case suggesting that the court should hear these cases to help protect the country from future issues regarding elections.

Thomas wrote, “These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non-legislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

Reporter Zoe Tillman tweeted Monday, “SCOTUS this a.m. continued to officially close the loop and reject Trump et al.’s post-election legal challenges, denying cert in Trump’s Wisconsin case and Lin Wood’s Georgia case.”

Twitter user Steve Vladeck tweeted Monday, “Among other denials of review from #SCOTUS today is 20-883, the last of the pending 2020 election challenges that were brought by the Trump campaign: No dissents were noted.”

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  1. The word Supreme doesn’t belong here anymore. They are disgusting and AMERICA has been bought and paid for by the CCP. I don’t know how theses so called justices can lay their head down at night and sleep. I’m mad and I’m feeling overwhelmed that the devil has won.

    • Do you have any evidence to show the Chinese communist party has interfered with our election process??? Do you really believe Mr Trump won the election??? Rudy admitted in court that his case was not about fraud. You don’t have a convincing argument. You are a coo-coo bird. Wake up missy, The Truth will set you free.
      Btw, Mr Trump still has to answer for his criminal deeds I.e. tax evasion, sex perversion, Trump university fraud, and of course the Capitol insurrection.
      What day you now???

          All hope is gone!!! We are now the UNITED STATES OF COMMUNIST CHINA!
          There’s no reason to ever vote AGAIN!
          Voting is a waste of time, our COUNTRY was sold to the highest bidder and that was CHINA! THE Y

      • Do you have undeniable fact that there wasn’t election fraud? Until you do 85 million people think you can shit in fall back in it! Think Cuba think Venezuela think your boy couldn’t fill up a Circle K parking lot…. but he got more votes than anybody in history you’re retarded if you believe that😆😆😆

      • Yes, there is evidence, but no one will listen to or look at it because they are involved. There was machine tampering, ballot harvesting, and illegal ballots. If there wasn’t, then why won’t the election boards in the swing states involved (GA, PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ) allow for an audit of the ballots and the machines to prove there was no fraud/mishandling? Arizona judge ruled that the state legislatures do have the authority to subpoena the ballots/machines from the election board. Whether the board complied with or fights the subpoena remains to be seen. If there were any tax evasions in place with Trump, that’s just plum crazy since his taxes were being audited and would have been used as one of his impeachment allegations if it were true!

      • Yeah the truth is biden is a 47 year politician who never accomplished anything in his career who’s sitting signing papers he doesn’t even what is in it and has to ask nance if he’s supposed to answer questions and the White House cut the feed. Who hasn’t had a press conference because he has no idea what he’s saying. Enjoy the shit show coming your way.

      • You’re a troll. The SCOTUS REFUSED to look at the evidence. I did not file the suit, so I’m not the one who needs to provide the evidence. Everyone KNOWS Biden won by fraud.

      • You don’t understand corruption until you study democrats. Rotten from the inception of the party to present day. Would rather not vote than vote for one of THEM. Trump looks like a choir boy compared to the majority of the dems. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and Cuomo just the most recent criminals. Go back and research your ill conceived, dirty party.

      • We will see who’s crazy soon enough! Go spout your nonsense on some Libtard sight! Keep believing the lies, such a fool you are! Oh and BTW you can go to Sydney Powells website and all the legal documents and affidavits of fraudulent evidence is available there! Wake up!!

  2. Courts are part of the collusion to steal this election from Trump. He clearly won by a.landslide and the media,politicians, and judges got together and lied and cheated and looked the other way to return the power of OUR gov back to the corrupt scumbags.

  3. How do these people sleep at night? We all know Trump won. Currently an illegitimate administration is occupying our White House. I don’t see where we go from here.

  4. My husband served 28 years in the military. Missed Christmases, missed ball games…my family served & now today it is confirmed that it was for NOTHING! We have no voice when our votes count for nothing. Simone needs to get rid of the dirty members on the Supreme Court & we all know who they are!!!

  5. Totally unacceptable.. What a travesty of injustice.. Against a vast majority of US voters and President Donald J Trump..the justice system here is a total disgrace.. In which they need to be replaced..

  6. I’m sick of this shit. HILARY loses the election because she didn’t campaign in certain key states. After her loss she blames Russia. What happens next we have a 2 year investigation of the POTUS and him colluding with Russia.

    Fast Forward to 2020. We all go to bed and Trump is winning in a landslide. Key swing states stop counting votes then resume in the early hours of the morning.

    We all wake up and the states where Trump was winning, or had a blowout in he now has a narrow lead or is losing by a slim margin. Biden wins, but everyone notices something isn’t right. We take it to the courts and now the courts don’t want to hear the case.

    I get it. We can only investigate or look into things when the left loses. Bullshit

  7. Just wait their day is coming when they will have no say in anything in this country!!! Their power will be taken away from them, also! Same as all these puppets for the ONE WORLD ORDER! THERE IS ONLY ONE AT THE TOP!!

  8. We are doomed for sure…President Magoo is destroying America with each stroke of his pen…and now the Highest Court is part of the SWAMP…..
    Lord help Us All ..

  9. Justice Clarence Thomas was correct! The supreme court was extremely wimpy in their responsibilities, and should have been there from the very beginning to support the law and the importance of viability of our elections. These issues should’ve been taken seriously as early as November 4.!

  10. Where is the America our founding fathers envisioned? Where is the America I grew up in? Where is the America I want for my grandchildren? Where is the America with morals, integrity, justice honesty? I weep for what we have lost. Jesus help us!

    • Now more that ever we have to fight like our forefathers did. Fair and honest elections start at the local level. Township, village, county, and then state. If our forefathers had not fought for justice we wouldn’t have a Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights with amendments to all. Start in your hometown. I am.

  11. At the very least SCOTUS should have exerted it’s influence on lower courts to examine the cases put forth.To sweep everything under the rug undermines our faith in our so-called justice system.
    I would not be surprised if Soros cut them all a check for 10 million.

  12. The Supreme Court should be ashamed of themselves! There supposed to at least hear and see the evidence? I guess it doesn’t matter to them that the Democrats are turning our country into a communist country and don’t care that a majority of the people voted for Trump not Biden!!!
    They should all be removed from the Supreme Court. We the people will not tolerate this much longer, and when there is a civil war it will be too late!!!

  13. I’m sick to my stomach, this is a disgrace! The American people deserve better. Corruption at the highest level. I will never believe Joe Biden won this election. We are now officially the United States of China. So gross

  14. Welcome to communism I hope all the stupid people that voted for Biden are happy they F——d everything up. God help us.

    • Trixie , there was no “ all you people who voted for Biden” that’s the point . He didn’t HAVE the following needed to reach this reported “ 80 million votes” they claim he got. It’s delusion, propaganda.
      When the individual states and Supreme Court used the explanation that they couldn’t negate votes of Americans to recognize Trump , it was all bull and they knew it – Biden’s votes were bolstered by MILLIONS Of fake votes , votes switched from Trump and hundreds of other cheating methods . He couldn’t garner a hundred supporters at many of his so called “ rallies”. His only support was that fabricated by the colluding media – who were in on the greatest conspiracy of all time lying for months consistently about Biden’s support so the final fraudulent election result would appear valid.
      Media moguls, corporations, globalist billionaires bought the election .

  15. How in the name of God would they not want to here this case. How and who on the Supreme Court is this decision not to hear the case made.
    Do all the 9 justices review the case and then vote to hear it or not. If so we have 5 conservative judges and 4 liberals judges which you would think they would want to hear the case. So who on the court makes the Final decision to hear the case is it the chief justice or is it the majority vote.

  16. Cowardice and spinelessness . These decisions to disregard real evidence of malfeasance in voting and election processes that occurred in multiple , if not EVERY state sets a minimum of 74 million Americans adrift . None of us believe by any stretch of the imagination that Biden won nor will we ever believe it.
    As we watch this entirely fraudulent government erase our freedoms , silence our opinions , continue to cheat in every subsequent election, and add multiple millions of illegal voters to bolster their “ forever in power” plans.
    Ultimately the Constitutional Republic is on their chopping block and they are moving rapidly to assure their already late agenda , held up by Trumps win in 2016 gets caught up in time to bring global UN laws in to usurp ours . They will use Covid, global warming and who knows what other padded, fabricated , and exaggerated threats to complete the eradication of any freedoms world wide.
    We were the most critical objective in their sights .

  17. I’ve lost faith in our justice system.
    While terrorists, murderers & thieves walk free, they act as if nothing is happening.
    My opinion holds for the highest court thru the DOJ, and all Federal courts, and many state courts.
    They’re ALL for the Criminals and against the American people.
    Damn them! Damn them all!

  18. We’re not communist and we’re not doomed. Seems everyone is real quick to throw their hands up and wave the white flag. Thank God our fore father’s had more intestinal fortitude or wed still be ruled. Research communism and make that statement. There are ways to fight back, but let’s just all throw our hands up and surrender…great way to push back.

    • Stop talking stupidly!
      This will end in bloodshed. You know it and so does everyone else.
      When government fails the people. It’s time for the American people to change the government.
      I wonder if those gutless judges have any idea what is coming?

    • Please tell me just how will we ever have an honest election? They have now installed CORRUPT POLITICIAN, CORRUPT JUDGES, TWITTER, FACEBOOK ARE CENSOR ALL CONSERVATIVES,!

  19. Who needs a Supreme Court? They just dismiss cases that can change all our elections. What a bunch of cowards. They should be ashamed of their decisions, probably Chief Justice Robert’s said no.
    He is a SWAMP creature. They must have dirt on him. They disgust me and are spineless. Gorsuch, Kavenaugh, Coney-Barrett where were you??😡😡😡😡😡

  20. The scous should not be able to reject any case with out at least some type of hearing. To just reject anything off hand like that is irresponsible.

  21. Do you have undeniable fact that there wasn’t election fraud? Until you do 85 million people think you can shit in fall back in it! Think Cuba think Venezuela think your boy couldn’t fill up a Circle K parking lot…. but he got more votes than anybody in history you’re retarded if you believe that😆😆😆

    • This country has turned its back on God the Bible and its teachings, the same as they did in Sodom and Gomorra , history records that the results were not pretty.

  22. I also lost my faith in the judicial system. They are part of the swamp and because of them our country will soon be in a civil war. There is no choice our country is heading straight to the communism’s and the American people will soon woke up. There are a lot of veterans who went out of this country to fight for our freedom and they are not going to hesitated to fight right here in their own country to defend our constitution and our freedom. I see that coming, so sad that this is happening right here in front of our eyes! Sad day for this country and the American people!❤️🇺🇸😔

  23. Jimbo the smart ars.
    We all know what happened the election night. The shuffling of mail-in ballots that went on for days, not the one day it’s allotted. Magoo is not president. TRUMP won by a landslide.
    Are you happy with HR1, that allows 16 year old to vote (they haven’t a clue), illegals and criminals to vote, no voter ID, no address, etc? If you are for these, you’re the coo-coo.

  24. All fingers point back to Soros. He put millions into getting Biden elected. This is is not his first rodeo in overturning governments. He is evil and wants to ruin America

  25. The supreme Court should not be used to judge an election but what the supreme Court did have was the authority to say look the election is corrupt you have corrupted ballots let’s put this to an end so that there can be no question turn it back over to where it needed to be which was in the hands of the people to the five states in question it should have been a revote with voter ID there should have been a representative from both sides at each pulling area and if Biden still won God bless it was put to rest if Trump won then we move on there would have been no disputes no court actions a simple revote for the five states and let the people with verified information and ID vote

  26. Don’t call it SCOTUS anymore since the acronym doesn’t fit. It is the Supreme Court Rot of The United Mal-treated States: SCROTUMS!

  27. It’s being said if the supreme courts agree to all this and Trump takes office then there will be a civil war, what’s to say there won’t be a civil war anyway ????? With all this destruction and preferences for the illegals over the real Americans that Biden and Obama have ( you know Obama is running this circus through the shell of Biden ) .

  28. Feeling very sick… my vote didn’t count… time to form our own country based on the true America. We, you and I, can make this work. We just need an unoccupied island somewhere. It’s not really about Trump losing – it’s about the LEGITIMATE votes not counting and illegitimate ones being Counted.

  29. I know who’s on top, and is running this whole phenomenon. It’s God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. He’s saying to us all- you wanted me out of your schools, out of your official establishments, out of your life’s, so being a gentleman I obliged. Now it’s up to you. Now you have to ask in earnest prayer, and say “Great is He that comes in the name of the Lord”. For greater is he that is within you, than he that’s in the world. God can and will save us, but there are things that we have to do also. We are to love God with all our hearts, mind and soul. We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We are to stop hating and be more forgiving. I know that is very hard to do in the times and the situation that we find ourselves, but just remember God is the God of love. We can righteous anger, but we also are to forgive other their trespasses, as God forgives us. For we have all fallen short of the Glory of God. Remember-“ vengeance is mine, says the LORD”. God knows the ending, we just have to trust in him. God declares “stand and be of good courage, for I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Be strong. Pray.

    All hope is gone!!! We are now the UNITED STATES OF COMMUNIST CHINA!
    There’s no reason to ever vote AGAIN!
    Voting is a waste of time, our COUNTRY was sold to the highest bidder and that was CHINA! THE BOUGHT ALL THE DEMONRATS AND THE SUPREME COURTy!

  31. So SCOTUS was either threatened, paid off, or bunch of asses! Too bad they didn’t get pushed off due to all their sexual harassment charges.

  32. Now we pressure our legislatures to scan the ballots. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Non-partisan and invented the technology. 22 months from election day and then the ballots will all be destroyed. Let’s shoot for watermarks, specific inks…etc. He certified our US dollars, he certainly the ballots!

  33. The Supreme Court is corrupt! They are afraid of court packing, so they are toeing the line for democrats! This is complete bullshit. What’s the use of a Supreme Court, when they won’t do their damn job? Just more money we pay to do nothing officials. Gotta get their cut!

  34. The Supreme Court is in league with the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice . Working with the Democrat party. Will not believe anything they do now.

    • As they say “ they are all in it together” they don’t care about freedoms, rights, security and the constitution only about socialism and their own greed and power

  35. What a gaggle of nutsacks Biden has chosen for his administration. This whole administration is the biggest farce in American History! None of them have a clue including Biden or Harris.

  36. The Supreme Court as a whole knows the Election was rigged and if they rule against Biden they anticipate widespread riots from the Democrats in all the major cities that would destroy most of the country. So they’re staying out of it and allowing Biden to be the fraudulent President. Problem is that he’s still destroying the country but without the riots.

    • I agree to hell with the Democrats and the republicans, they are and have done nothing for this country except give it away as fast as they can. We are not a socialist country we are the free and democratic country the United States of America, not the socialist regime of the present socialist Democrats presently running (destroying) this country


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