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The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich of his convictions on corruption charges, which included attempting to sell or trade former President Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat.

With the justices’ decision not to take up the case, Blagojevich’s 14-year prison sentence will stand. This is the second time the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from Blagojevich; the first occurred in 2016.

Blagojevich’s lawyers argued that the lower courts have conflicting standards in determining whether a politician violated federal law when seeking campaign donations.

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The former Illinois governor, a Democrat, was arrested in 2008. He was convicted in 2011 for attempting to extort a children’s hospital for campaign donations and seeking to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama after he was elected president. His charges included wire fraud, extortion and soliciting bribes.

Blagojevich is nearly halfway through his 14-year sentence at a federal prison in Colorado. He is scheduled to be released in 2024.

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