Utilizing member dues, the powerful United Federation of Teachers union spent $2.3 million for catering last year, including over $100,000 on pizza and candy, according to official filings.

The spending was only a portion of the $185 million that the UFT spent in 2017, even as concern rises among union officials regarding a pending court case that could significantly limit its practice of collecting dues from teachers who do not want to be union members, the New York Post reported.

In 2017, the union spent $2.3 million for catering and other foods.

  • $112,317 to Manna 90 Inc., also known as La Bagel Delight, on Court Street in Brooklyn
  • $13,615 on pizza
  • $6,262 on coffee
  • More than $5,000 on candy
  • $1.4 million in food provided by Lackmann Culinary Services
  • $189,763 from Ravioli Fair caterers.

The catering and food was funded by a portion of the $58.31 in semi-monthly dues collected from teachers in 2017, up from $56.10 in 2016, according to the filings. Current law allows the union to collect  “agency fees” from 2,043 educators who do not belong to the union, as well as 187,000 members.

The UFT, which also pays its officials and staffers substantially more than the teachers they represent,  defended its spending as appropriate.

“We are proud of every dollar we spend on services to our members and defending public education,” said UFT spokesman Dick Riley.